Wednesday, May 4, 2011

love*birds: 5.4.11

spring has sprung here in minnesota (knock on wood)! i feel like it's safe to say that , nope, i'm not even going to jinx us like that. forget it. all i know is that today the sun is shining and that makes me happy!! (garage sale season, here we come!)
caribou has this promotion that every time the twins win, you can get a medium coffee for $1. and, if you bring your own mug in, you get $.50 off your bill. embarrassingly, i wasn't thinking about all of this when i went to get my coffee this morning, and had to use my credit card to pay a $.55 bill. oops! oh well, i guess money is money, right?
anywho, on to this week's edition of favorite things.

megan bird's picks

world traveler locket
what a simple, yet beautiful idea! lockets don't just have to be filled with loved ones, they can be filled with places you've been, cities you adore and memories of journeys past. (diy, here i come!)

lucky the elephant
i am certain that this is meant to be a toy for a child. but i would most definitely adorn my couch or chairs with this little gem of a pillow!

floral sundress
how beautiful and summery is this dress? i especially love the open-back detail!

jeffrey campbell  foxy cheetah wedge
as far as i know, these babies are sold out. and i can see why.

flash cards as art
i love this idea so much, i might do it in my sons room. small frames flash cards. cute and educational!

nora bird's picks

i wish this were my kitchen. so bright and happy!

i want to buy this and wear it all summer. it is the perfect summer go-to top!

i have been looking for a chain strap purse for a while now. and this yellow one is so cute. the camel and orange ones are on my list too!

is it insane that i am actually considering spending almost $200 for these jeans? i know what my husband would say! but honey, i love them so much!

jim and i have been wanting to put up a birch tree wall for as long as i can remember. i think is about time we do it!

we hope you are having a great day so far!

xoxo, the birds


  1. Love your picks! That yellow bag, in particular, just makes me smile! {yellow is such an uplifting color!}.

    I hate when I have to charge such a small amount too...but like you said, money is money and a girl needs her coffee :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  2. Jen Loves Kev has a thing you can buy on her etsy that you project on your wall and paint birch trees. I really want to do it!

  3. I was about to order some jewelry making supply on etsy. Now I am going to add a locket to it. The map idea is awesome and since I have been quite homesick lately, I'll add my hometown to it!!! So yay thank you for the idea :).

    I have also been looking for a chain strap bag but I want it quilted too to satiate my chanel bag obsession. You should check when you time. They have a few chain strap bags options at a reasonable price, because if you spend little on a bag you can spend lots on jeans ;)

  4. I didn't know about the $1 coffee. We have a caribou at my office, so I'm going to go get a cheap coffee now!

  5. That wallpaper is so cool. I want to try out this whole bell bottom revival flared jean thing, but I'm not big on pants. So when I went through my closet to donate all the things I don't wear anymore, I kept aside an old pair of jeans and I'm going to try and make them into flared jeans myself!

  6. Just found your blog - I love that you share this with your sister! And your banner photo is adorable!

    As for the Jeffrey Campbell shoes - have you tried or

    - Jen

  7. love love love love the locket.
    i am headed back to MN tomorrow
    fingers crossed for warm-ish weather
    or i have an excuse to buy rainboots
    since i think i see rain in the forecast

  8. I love those flashcards - such a great idea! I love order and type, so they would be perfect - and I could certainly brush up on some math!

  9. I love the necklace so much, the shoes are adorable too :))