Wednesday, May 25, 2011

love*birds: 5.25.11

happy wednesday, all! i have been waking up early (5) and going running every day this week, and let me tell you, i love it! i don't care that it's cloudy or not super warm...there is something about being outside, watching the sun rise over the still lake that makes it all worth while. and as a bonus, today, i saw a rainbow. plus, i am up and so awake by the time i get home that i actually have time to do stuff. yesterday, i perfected the hell's kitchen lemon ricotta pancakes. for those of you not from minneapolis, hell's kitchen is this amazing restaurant downtown that serves breakfast all day. their specialty is the lemon ricotta pancake (so good you don't need syrup) and i believe that i make a pretty good version of them. anyways, enough about my culinary skills...onto some etsy love. nora and i decided to do an all-etsy version of love*birds today. who doesn't love etsy???

megan bird's picks

one little egg necklace
is it bad that i pretty much love anything with a bird on it? or anything turquoise? is that cliche? i don't care, i love this.

vintage red platform shoes
apparently jeffrey campbell doesn't sell shoes on etsy, so i went with the next best thing. love these!!

vintage slinky repurposed dress
you all need to check out all of this seller's dresses. they are vintage tees repurposed. i love them all. i didn't know which one to pick...the strawberry shortcake, breakfast at tiffany's, pebbles and dr. seuss were among my favorites.

small flowers dress
oh how i love love love this dress. love. want. wish i could afford... seriously, i would wear it every day.

tie onesie
one of our sweet readers, linz has this fabulous shop. this onesie is just waiting to be given away as a shower gift. nora bird, get pregnant soon, please!

nora bird's picks

in honor of fellow minnesotan, bob dylan's, birthday (yes, i know i am a day late!). i love this song and this cool print.

i love this dress. it is ladylike and sweet. just so pretty.

so cute and hilarious! i would love to see my practically bald one-year old daughter in this hat. or any baby, for that matter!

i loved oversized, slouchy tee shirts. and owls. jackpot!

you know i love minneapolis. and this illustrated map of my fave city is just too cool. i would love to hang this in my home.

i hope you all are window shopping on etsy right now. is it just us, or could you spend hours looking at that website?
happy hump day!!

the birds


  1. I'm all about window shopping. I've even been known to ad $800 worth of Antorpologie clothing to my basket! Luckily I have the wherewithal to stop myself before clicking "checkout" BTW--I love the vintage slinky dress!
    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  2. Gah, those red platforms are DIVINE!

  3. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE that chain! I waannttt !!

  4. great finds!!! i LOVE the small flowers dress and the betty draper dress!!! and that baby hat..soooo stinkin' cute.

  5. those red heels are to die for!!
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    XO, Alexandra

  6. Love the Betty Draper Dress!
    xo Cara

  7. You always find awesome shoes!

  8. I have to second the love of the Betty Draper Dress!

  9. I am dying over those red platforms and that bird necklace!