Wednesday, May 18, 2011

love*birds: 5.18.11

happy hump day, friends! what a lovely week it has been so, at least. megan bird has been home with a sick little gal for the past two days, which is obviously not lovely. poor little eva bird. but she is feeling better and should be back at school today. so that is happy news! i have just been relaxing after a long and busy weekend. enjoying the springtime, taking long walks and eating ice cream with my little baby bird. very lovely, indeed. all of this talk of about we share some with you!?! here are some things we are finding lovely this week...

nora bird's picks:

i love that this tee looks super casual and totally fancy at the same time. i adore it. i'll actually take the whole outfit. thank you!

if you want to find me later i will be at h&m buying this dress. it is $12.95, people! must have!

i am going to buy some neon orange nail polish today. right after i call my ten year old niece, emma, and ask her to make me a bunch of friendship bracelets. love!

i love russian nesting dolls. and this wristlet pouch is so cute! 

candy apple red vintage suitcases! want! and to top it all off, they put a bird on it!

megan bird's picks:
pretty in polygons heels
hello jeffrey campbell? this is megan...can i please get one pair, size 8 of all your shoes, please? yes? thank you, kindly!

through the woods
this is so's a combination of woodburning, casein paint, pencil and beauty ~ and i want it.

penmanship pillow
i am constantly working with my son, practicing his penmanship with the trusty lined paper. this pillow would be a great addition to our house because it's cute and educational! plus, i am a sucker for pillows!

chalkboard world map
i love chalkboards. i love maps. this one is permanent "chalk" and it's absolutely fabulous!
pastel chevron dress
it's pastel, it's chevrons, it's's....mine? i wish!

i hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods! have a great wednesday, everyone!!

the birds


  1. Love it all! Thanks for including me embroidery hoop woodburning :) Now I gotta enlist my niece to make me some of those bracelets too, love em!

  2. essie nail polish is on sale at target! i just bought a lovely orange-y red called Geranium. gorgie :)

  3. Thank you,i wish to can do your makeup lol but we live so far :(
    i love the pictures u posted