Sunday, May 29, 2011

it's not delivery

last night i made a quick, easy and delicious dinner. it was so nummy i wanted to share. it all started because i was lazy and didn't want to cook (go figure). mimi has been sick all weekend and has not been sleeping well. and so, of course, neither have i.

poor little bugger

so i was tired and lazy and told jim i was going to order in. there is this great little italian place in our neighborhood called fat lorenzo's (if you are ever in the neighborhood, check it out. yummy!), and they have a most delicious veggie hoagie that i was craving. and they deliver. bonus for the lazy mom! but since jim has been travelling for work lately and eating out a lot, we decided instead to make our own fat lorenzo's style hoagies. and even though i was tired and lazy it was super easy!

here's what you'll need:

spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, onion, mushrooms, feta, hoagie rolls, and marinara. also a bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper. easy peezy. this is what we used (we pretty much copied fat lorenzo's exactly). you can obviously use any kind of veggies and cheese you like!

and here's what you do:

saute the onions and peppers in some olive oil...

once those are tender, add the 'shrooms...

then the spinach...and once that is all cooked throw a bit of salt and pepper in...

slice your rolls and toast them in the oven...

while everything is cooking and toasting, slice the tomatoes and feta...

load everything onto your toasted rolls and cook a bit longer so the cheese gets melty and the tomatoes cook a bit...

serve 'em up with some marinara...

done and done.

so easy and so good. i ate my whole sandwich and was so very full. jim ate two! which, if you know jim, is not surprising...

i hope you are all having a great memorial day weekend. i am really enjoying it so far, except for the sick little girl. but we are feeling much healthier and happier today. now it's time for a family nap! see you later!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. That looks fantastic! I think I might have to try this!

  2. ooh, looks delicious & easy, my two fave combos. Can't wait to try it and a happy Sunday to you and your fam. xx veronika

  3. Haha that looks so yummy! I will have to try that for Kyle and I sometime. I am always down for some yummy, quick meals!

  4. That looks so delicious - will have to try it soon!

  5. Two words. Ah Mazing. I will definitely try this, but I may use fresh mozz instead.

  6. Those pictures made my stomach growl! I think I'll be making this recipe in the very near future.

  7. there's a party in my tummy.. well, your tummy.

  8. Thank you for the comment on my blog! I have a new layout so was wondering if you had any constructive criticism for me? Aww your babyyy is adorable!

    Take care & stay in touch xx