Monday, May 23, 2011

inspiration monday: dude looks like a lady

i love a lady in a tie. or just women in menswear in general. who started the trend? hmm...i don't know, maybe katherine hepburn, greta garbo, diane keaton? i'm sure i'm missing quite a few starlets. either way, i think it's a super chic way to dress up. i have never really tried wearing a tie before...maybe as a belt or headband, but never as an actual tie. i have to say, i rather liked it. maybe next time i will actually wear a shirt that is meant for a tie, instead of wearing it as an accessory.

here is today's inspiration. i was trying to accommodate bloggers who might also want to do the bloggers do it better: prep school challenge. take a look cause there are some hot looks!

i honestly don't have a white button-down shirt. i didn't know that until today. who woulda thunk? thrift store time...maybe! i have talked about my non-love for button-down shirts before, so the verdict is still out. maybe if i find one that fits perfectly. so, as i said before, i decided to use the tie as an accessory rather than to wear it in the collar of a shirt. what do you think? would you ever try this? again, the verdict is still out for me.

pants ~ target
shoes ~ thrifted
shirt ~ marshalls
earrings ~ f21
tie ~ chris'
headband ~ garage sale

nora bird here, chiming in on inspiration monday! i have never taken this challenge before. can you believe it? on my own blog. so, i may start showing up here on mondays from time to time. and perhaps, just perhaps, megan will be showing up on tuesdays for the remix. okay, surprise ruined. she will be. more on that tomorrow. anyhoo...i loved today's inspiration. and here is my take...

(this one is me laughing and telling jim to stop taking pictures. he was snapping like crazy! it makes me laugh.)

shirt- tara jarmon for target
jeans- F21
shoes- delicious
scarf- thrifted, vintage???
belt- talbots, thrifted

how were you inspired? do you like women in menswear? would you wear a tie to work? i'd love to hear your thoughts!

the birds


  1. Love both the outfits! :D Really prep school ! :D

  2. I Really like both of your takes on the outfit. This inspiration picture worked perfectly for me since I was a little obsessed with men's wear last week;) I don't like button down shirts either but I am loving this one now that I have a new purpose for it. Wearing a tie was so much fun and it was another check off of my resolutions for this year!


  3. Gah! I didn't participate this week due to the fact that I don't own a white shirt (my search continues) I didn't even think to wear something else! That'll teach me :)

  4. Hey Guys
    This was really fun and thanks for the twofer!
    I like both your takes on the outfit and just goes to show you can rock the tie with a T shirt.
    Lori xo

  5. I didn'y play along this week because I don't have a tie, but seeing what you've done with your scarf has me shaking my head over my lack of imagination. Well done. Great looks!

  6. Both of those outfits looks fantastic!

    I like to use ties as belts!

  7. I like both outfits. Tie as an accessory is a good idea, the pokka dot shirt is so cute.


  8. I used to have to wear a button down and tie every day when I worked as a hostess, so I'm kind of afraid of the look. Some women pull it off really well, though. I love how Kendi did it.

    I really like your take on it as an alternative to the button down.

  9. awesome styling! and neither of you look like you are working at the olive garden (which i did, for a summer, blech). despite that, my how i love a tie.

  10. You both look really cute! I love the idea of wearing a tie without a collared shirt and the idea of wearing a scarf instead of a tie. I love wearing ties, but I do think it's a hard look to pull off. It can look very "waitress in a steak house" or "Avril Lavigne" if done wrong...

  11. You both look great. I like the idea of wearing a tie, but I'm never sure how to style it.

  12. I love when I see celebs women with ties, its so cool, but I personally couldn't pull it off ... you gals look great though! love both of your shoes!

  13. I love both your outfits! So girly, but with the menswear touches! Love them!

  14. Both are so damn cute! Bout time you started chimin in, N! Love that headband from the garage sale, M. I am wearing my new boots today! I've worn them every day since the sale. Love them! Thanks for taking me over there!! You both are beautiful. Love that last photo of you, Nora--you look so happy. :)

  15. Megan, Love the headpiece, it really dolls up the tie! Nora, Love the printed top and using a scarf was a creative change to make (or did you get caught sneaking into your husband's closet?!?)
    Fun challenge again this week! Debbie

  16. one of my favorite menswear looks was when no doubt did promo shots for their tour a couple of years ago. gwen's outfit . . . i want so bad. what's new, though? who doesn't want her outfits all.the.time.???

    you both look lovely and pull off the menswear look so well!

    awkwardly chic

  17. Sorry didn't participate this week cause it was cold and I had already worn something so similar with a tie for the Bloggers Do It Better event last week.
    Love that polka dot blouse with the scarf look. So cute.
    The tie over white tee with a flowery headband is adorable as well.

  18. Both of you look wonderful! Loving the tie and those grey pants!

  19. i dont own a white button down either. aren't they supposed to be a closet staple?! lol

  20. I love both of these! The flower headband gives the first look such an understated femininity. Love it!

  21. You're both adorable! Love Nora's outfit!

  22. Both outfits turned out so well! Nora, I covet your shirt! :)

  23. I really like both of your outfits!
    Megan your headband and red shoes are great!
    Nora, I like your mix of patterns and that blouse is so cute!

  24. Both outfits are great! I am loving Nora's wild hair :) Soooo pretty - makes me want to let mine grow some so I can copy!

    xo Teresa

  25. Ooooooh! Both of these looks are fabulous! I love your top in the second one and I'm going to try the tie and tee in the first one.