Friday, May 20, 2011

fbff: if you don't have anything nice to say, then shut your mouth

today's fbff is all about pet peeves you might have about other blogs. nora and i decided we didn't want to answer this. ya know, if we don't like a blog, we just don't follow it. obviously different things might bug me on any given day, but that's just life. a blog is a way to express yourself, and however you choose to do that, more power to you! if i don't like what you're saying or don't want to look at your pictures, i just don't. that's all. nora and i both know that we are in no position to judge other people's blogs or their lives or their clothes or their style of writing or their blog layout, picture format or comment monitoring system. after all, we are not rewriting the bible, we are just showing off a bit of our style and hoping that you get to know us through our words and quips. if you like us (and we hope you do), keep reading; if not (why???), then x out and maybe someday we will meet again. that's all...
happy friday!
pet peeve


  1. Omg, that puppy is SO cute. Domestic animals are so cute when they're mad.

    This topic has become unintentionally polarizing, but at least it makes for a lively debate.

  2. That pup is tooooo cute! I like that you didn't comment on what bothers you about other peoples blogs - but I don't mind hearing what others are saying. I live by the grocery store mentality - if I like it - I take it, if I don't - I leave it on the shelf! :)
    Happy Friday!

  3. Well said!! I just want to smother that puppy's face with all kinds of kisses! =)

  4. Good for you guys, very well said! :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. I agree :-)

    P.S. I want to reach into the screen and hug that pup!

  6. Very well said!!!!! Everyone has differnt blog preferences, you cant please everyone so why try!

    That pup is soooo cute

  7. I don't do the fbff thing, but if I did you can be sure I wouldn't be posting about it today, either. What a negative topic! A blog is a personal space... pretty much the only space that any of us have that is completely our own, so who are we to be making lists of what we don't like about others' blogs?

    Cute puppy! :)

  8. OMG!!! i'm soooo glad you guys said this! i posted on twitter a few weeks back in response to all the "what we don't like" lists. i also commented on t in my inspiration post. i just decided to skip fbff this week so as to not go on another rant about how blogs are self expression and people should be allowed to do so how they please. i applaud you guys and love your post! thanks for speaking my mind as well.

  9. Perfect - 'nuf said! LOL. Cheers!

  10. Aw, y'all are so sweet! Now I wish I'd been nicer, haha!! :)

    Also LOVE that puppy pic, that's hiLARious!!!

  11. well said, ladies! i'm glad i'm not the only one that was thrown off by this week's topics. and reading some people's comments just gave me the ultimate case of the Sadfaces. why are people so mean and persnickety? there are things that we can do to make our blogs better, but i think it's all about how it's approached. that holier-than-thou attitude can really throw a girl for a loop.

    thanks for sharing and i'll be back! have a great weekend!

    awkwardly chic

  12. strong words but absolutely true! Nobody likes mean remarks.


  13. Yes, yes, yes. I wrote basically the same thing on my FBFF post - I just couldn't criticize anyone. Glad to see you all were feeling the same way.

  14. I second that!


  15. While I respect and understand your opinion I have to say that I - respectfully - disagree.

    I've mentioned this on a couple of other blogs as well, but I really think the point of this week's FBFF has somehow gotten lost in translation.

    Constructive criticism is something that benefits us all. Do you have to take the advice given to heart? No, of course no. If it doesn't apolly to you and what you want from your blog, that is fine. But it hurts no one to offer it. We are all constantly learning and improving ourselves in the "real world" - so why should our blogs be any different?

    A few people have commented on the fact that they blog for themselves and no one else. That they don't aspire to be professional bloggers. That their blogs are their creative outlets. I have no problems with any of that.

    However, the fact of the matter is, if you have followers you are no longer JUST blogging for yourself. You have people who respect you and what you have to say. This week's topic is about making that experience more pleasant for everyone involved. It's about educating people who WANT to do that for their readers. No one has to take the advice offered, but it's there if someone is looking for it.

    Again, I do respect that you decided not to air your own peeves, but I also wanted to present the other side of the issue.

  16. Oh yay! More power to you! That pooch is adorable! If my dog/cat/ four-year-old student gave me that look, I'd melt. :)