Thursday, May 12, 2011

does this mean mama bird is famous?

we're pretty excited that we have been getting a bit of press for the sale this weekend. obviously, it's always fun and exciting to see your name in the newspaper...but mainly we love it because this cute li'l pic that we've been using for advertising is our mom. so what do you think? does this mean she's famous???
if you're in the minneapolis area, stop by and say hi...we'd love to cheers a mimosa with you!
the birds


  1. Cute picture of your Mom! I have my copy of Vita.Mn sitting right next to me, and I just read the write-up. I might be able to stop by Sunday. Save me a Mimosa!

  2. Ladies I wish I could be there to meet you two. Forgive my ignorance but do you have a store? Would love to know more about it. Dawn xoxox

  3. I totally thought I was following your blog. I love your blog. I'm following now, Hope you'll follow back!

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