Thursday, May 26, 2011

curious birds: your go-to hair product

i have been having one of those bad hair weeks. i think it's a mixture of hormones and 'that place in time where you are growing your bangs out and it's all you can do to not cut them' feeling. and for some reason, it's affecting my whole week. i am aware that long bangs are a very minor really shouldn't affect my whole week, but did i mention hormones? here's the deal, i don't have great hair. i always joke that in my family of five sisters, i am the runt. my parents are beautiful people, don't get me wrong...but if you can find any flaws in them, you can bet they passed them down to me, and only me. ok, that's being a little extreme *hormones*. i did however, get the runt genes for hair. my four sisters have the most beautiful thick and naturally curly hair. you have seen nora...did you know that she just lets her hair air dry? that's all, and it look so beautiful every day. me, i got the thin, fine, half straight/half curly hair. don't get me wrong, when i actually do style my hair, i love it. it is naturally shiny and it always looks healthy. i think my problem is that i don't actually style my hair. does anyone want to come over every morning and do my hair? i sure would appreciate it, and i'd be willing to pay you in lemon ricotta pancakes. every morning.

my troubles started this week when i tried to bike to work on monday. normally, i wash my hair, leave it wet to bike to work and then dry it/style it at the gym at work. i was on my merry way to work when my bike tire decided to pop – in a gunshot sound sort of way. so i was stuck walking home, lame bike in tow. by the time i got home, my hair was half dry and frizzy, and i had no time to do anything about it because i was already late for work. i felt icky all day, which led me to my shopping spree on monday night.

i have been hearing about moroccan oil all over the place. how wonderful it is, how amazing it it's some sort of wonder oil. i am a sucker for beauty products...if you tell me this will get rid of my wrinkles, i'll buy it. if you tell me some fancy exotic oil will make my hair look like one of the kardashian sisters, i'll buy it. which is exactly what i did. i went straight to the store and bought this oil. ok, i went straight to three stores until i finally found a version of what i was looking for.  i have heard that the "true" moroccan oil is the best. but i couldn't find it anywhere and i didn't have time to keep looking. so when i got to sally beauty supply and found this stuff, i snatched it up. it's called one 'n only argan oil. yes, it's a silicone-based product, but so it the real moroccan oil. i can't compare it to the real moroccan oil, because i've never tried it. i can say, however, that i love this stuff. i wish i would have taken a before picture (ok, that's a lie) because my hair looked truly atrocious before i put the oil in it. here is the after picture. it was after work, after working out, after shopping and stopping everywhere trying to find this oil. most importantly, it was after the bad air-dried, frizz walk home with the bad bike...

see – shiny, not frizzy...i even look happy!

the next day, i decided to wash and dry my hair straight and use the oil to see how it works. still loved it. and this morning, i went for a run, didn't wash my hair, added a titch more oil, and voila..still looks good. somehow this oil does not make your hair greasy or heavy. rather, it makes your hair soft and shiny. i honestly have been petting my hair every five minutes at work. ok, that sounds creepy. but you get the idea.

so, since i'm a sucker for products, and i don't have the best hair in the world, i want your advice. what is your go-to hair product? what do you love love love and use every day? i can't wait to hear your answers....and yes, i will most likely be back at sally beauty supply tonight!

megan bird


  1. Ooo thanks for the tip! Your hair looks great! I know what you mean on crazy bangs and hair! My mother and father have fabulous full curly hair and i have partially curly and partially straight (read: Crazy wave-frizz) and thinning hair at 31! GAHH!

    I keep my hair cut about the same length as yours and use Mario Tricoci Too texturizing Creme to keep it in line when it starts to frizz out. I only use it in spots that need it.

  2. Well, I have thick and curly hair, and the best thing I've ever tried is Cat Walk Curlesque. It's a really light and fruity smelling cream that prevents frizz and defines curls without any crunchiness. I LOVE it. I just ran out and I've been trying to use up another not as good product before I go buy more, but it's been so hard!

  3. Oh, pretty hair and so shiny! I have the "true" Moroccan oil~ a stylist friend sent me some as a gift, how wonderful is that?! I absolutely love it. I have naturally curly/frizzy/wild hair and it tames it without making it look oily in the process.

    I also like a great root volumizer~ Tigi's Catwalk Volume Collection~ Root Boost spray~ is awesome.

    I recently cut a foot off of my hair length and these products work GREAT with both hair lengths.

  4. I have the same exact hair problems as you my dear. My hair is fine and not really straight/not really curly (and I'm also growing out my bangs). My biggest problem is trying to get some volume...wish I could tell you a great product I use but I haven't found anything I really like for volume. If you want to make your hair a little more curly though I reccomend the TGI Curls Rock curling spray, I let my hair air dry then spray it in and scrunch away!

  5. Wow, Moroccan oil sounds amazing! I can't believe that it doesn't make your hair/scalp feel greasy, because any oil I've tried has just been that. I have thick, coarse-ish hair that gets easily oily and poofs up for no reason.

    Since I dye my hair a lot, i have lots of frizzies, but ever since I started using Got 2 Be's "Smooth Operator" after I shower, I can air dry my hair and it won't get frizzy!

  6. I use a heat protector before I blow dry my hair. My regimen is usually washing it every other day, but I flat iron the kinks out in the morning... I have yet to find an oil that won't be greasy... but I'm going to try your recommendation!


  7. You can buy the Moroccan oil online now & different brands as well. I've used it for a while, my sis has curly hair & it seems to work great for her. -xxoo

  8. Bumble and Bumble brilliantine. I like how it styles my hair, and it makes it shiny.

  9. I like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for waves, but it can be a bit drying. Still fun though!

  10. Don't go for the expensive oils! I'm good friends with Moroccans & I know many who just use olive oil- it's both Arab and Pakistani tradition! And it works like a dream- especially on dark hair! =D

  11. Oh I forgot to mention- with olive oil you just heat it up a little (I usually do so in the microwave) until it's lukewarm (not hot!)- so for about 30 seconds? Then you just rub it into your hair & let it sit for a while- the longer you let it sit, the shinier/silkier/softer etc your hair will be! I only leave it on for a few hours before washing it off (in the shower) but some people leave it on overnight! Best thing about it is it's totally natural & you can use it as much as you want (because it won't harm your hair!)