Sunday, May 29, 2011

celebrity designers

i have noticed  a trend of celebrities branching out into other factions of fame lately. singers are actors, actors are designers, designers are perfumers. fame begets fame and money begets money. if i were rich and famous, you'd bet your butt i'd try my hand at fashion designing! not everyone has survived the fashion world (j-lo, beyonce), but there are a few that i think are pretty talented...assuming they are actually the ones behind the designs...

i have always thought that chloe sevigny has had fabulous and unique style. she is quirky and sexy and i would love to have a peek in her closets. which is why i was so excited to see that she has designed a line for opening ceremony. here are a few of my faves.
mary jane
alanna fitted jersey dress

sienna miller is another gorgeous starlet. her line, twenty8twelve, is sold in various places, including asos. here's a few of my top picks.

lao dress
denim shirt
and everyone knows the lauren conrad collection at kohls. there are (surprisingly) a ton of cute pieces!
floral bow dress
lace-trim swiss dot skirt
mostly i just want those chloe sevigny mary janes.

do you have any favorite celebrity designers? do you have any problems with celebrities branching out into fashion, perfume or other trendy areas of business?


  1. I'm always sort of shocked by how much I like Jessica Simpson's shoes. Ten years ago I was obsessed with L.A.M.B bags.

    I don't really have any favorite celeb designers, but those are some fab shoes.

  2. I was crazy about Sarah Jessica Parker's line Bitten. I have the line's basic black dress and white trench and I was sad when Steve & Barry's went under and took Bitten with it. I hope she surfaces somewhere else, because the clothes were perfect classics, well made and inexpensive. Debbie

  3. I have to admit I actually like Jessica Simpson's stuff. Originally I would NOT buy it because of personal "cheesy" and annoying feelings toward her. But all the time I would find myself picking up her stuff then putting it down since it was by her. Finally I gave in, and now I adore her designs and own shoes, sunglasses, etc. from her collection!

  4. I have a Lauren Conrad dress that I love. I think it was meant to be, as it was the only one left, was on sale, and was in my size.

    I didn't know about Sienna Miller's line. I like her personal style, and her line looks very cute.

  5. i (nora) love everything about ms. victoria beckham's line. except the price, because i cannot afford it. i also love the winter kate collection by nicole richie. i would wear every piece! so flowy and beautiful. a bit more affordable, but not for this thrifter's budget. and the olson twins line, the row, makes really cool, structured pieces which i also wish filled my closet!!! alas, i cannot afford these either. sad. wow. long comment. apparently i love celeb designers...

  6. I love Jessica Simpson's line: shoes and jewelry mostly, but also the occasional bag and even coat. I see some of the ladies above a bit hesitant to mention JS or surprised that they do like her stuff, but they need not feel ashamed: the JS line is expected to top the 1 BILLION mark this year, so apparently many other women are liking her stuff

  7. I have mixed feelings about this... as a fashion design student, I can't help being a little irked when a celebrity licenses their name and then gets credit for designing a line that they probably have very little input with. Unfortunately, that's just how celebrity licensing works, but I don't think most people are aware of that. Yay boring business classes! Then again, there are celebrity designers who actually do design their own collections, whom I love. Jovovich-Hawk was one of my faaavorite labels, I was so sad when they stopped designing new collections.

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    Hope you have a lovely day!