Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

you know how i told you my baby girl was feeling a bit under the weather? we have had a few sleepless nights at our house this weekend. and yesterday, instead of the bbq we were supposed to attend with my sister in law and her boyfriend, we spent the afternoon in urgent care. it turns out mimi has a really bad ear infection...the worst one the doc had seen all day. poor little baby girl. i feel so bad for her. the doctor told me to expect another sleepless night. luckily he was mostly wrong. she only got up twice last night, and the first time was before i had yet gone to bed. the second time was just to give her some meds (which took some effort! imagine a squirming baby with tightly pursed lips, tears streaming, and her head turning every which direction to avoid said medicine.) and she went right back to sleep. phew! hopefully this means she is beginning to feel better!

anyway, let's talk remix. this week's item is a silence + noise shirt i bought at urban outfitters years ago (2008, if i remember correctly). it wasn't a style i would normally wear, but it was on sale and i thought it was just really cool. perhaps too cool for me as it has been sitting in my closet, unworn, since then. so pathetic. i hate when i do that. i broke it out for the remix to see if i could make it work...and i was also so curious to see how megan might style it. turns out i really like this shirt. it's not really an everyday, throw on and run errands type of item. but i could definitely see it dressed down for a summer bbq with friends or fancied up for girl's night out. i think i will keep it and try and incorporate it into some outfits this summer. and if i don't, it's gone for good. i promise!

outfit one: the right to bare arms

jeans- H&M flary
shoes- charles albert
belt- H&M
necklace- H&M
headband- for love 21
ring- for love 21 

outfit two: give 'em the cold shoulder

shorts- F21
shoes- madden girl, opitz
scarf- garage sale
earrings- F21

i hope you all had a great weekend and are having a happy start to your week!

xoxo, the birds

Monday, May 30, 2011

inspiration day: memorial

happy memorial day! i hope you are all having an extra fabulous long weekend. i realize that some people may not link up today because of the holiday, but feel free to join in later in the week! in the meantime, make a cocktail, fire up the grill, and let's all celebrate those who have made our country what it is today.

today's inspiration is perfect for this odd minnesota weather. it can't seem to make up its mind. it's sunny and warm, then it rains and it's cool. however, we have been able to sit on the patio and watch the kids play on the swing set, and then sit on the patio (with a fire going), and share some great laughs with friends later in the evening. so i am not complaining. i do love that we can wear sundresses, and just carry around a cute coat just in case. so, without further adieu, here is today's inspiration.

 the beautiful emma stone. have you guys seen easy a? it's super cute...i especially love stanley tucci and patricia clarkson as the parents. i want to be cool like them! anyways, this outfit is super cute and easy (pun intended) and versatile enough to wear anywhere.

and here are our interpretations.

megan bird

dress ~ thrifted (delias)
necklace, earrings ~ F21
boots ~ vintage, thrifted
coat ~ target

nora bird

dress ~ prototype, marshalls
boots ~ vintage, thrifted
coat ~ xhilaration, target, new via downtown salvation army basement awesomeness 
bag ~ H&M, hand me down from the baby sister 
earrings ~ for love 21 (i think???)

happy memorial day, everyone!

the birds

Sunday, May 29, 2011

it's not delivery

last night i made a quick, easy and delicious dinner. it was so nummy i wanted to share. it all started because i was lazy and didn't want to cook (go figure). mimi has been sick all weekend and has not been sleeping well. and so, of course, neither have i.

poor little bugger

so i was tired and lazy and told jim i was going to order in. there is this great little italian place in our neighborhood called fat lorenzo's (if you are ever in the neighborhood, check it out. yummy!), and they have a most delicious veggie hoagie that i was craving. and they deliver. bonus for the lazy mom! but since jim has been travelling for work lately and eating out a lot, we decided instead to make our own fat lorenzo's style hoagies. and even though i was tired and lazy it was super easy!

here's what you'll need:

spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, onion, mushrooms, feta, hoagie rolls, and marinara. also a bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper. easy peezy. this is what we used (we pretty much copied fat lorenzo's exactly). you can obviously use any kind of veggies and cheese you like!

and here's what you do:

saute the onions and peppers in some olive oil...

once those are tender, add the 'shrooms...

then the spinach...and once that is all cooked throw a bit of salt and pepper in...

slice your rolls and toast them in the oven...

while everything is cooking and toasting, slice the tomatoes and feta...

load everything onto your toasted rolls and cook a bit longer so the cheese gets melty and the tomatoes cook a bit...

serve 'em up with some marinara...

done and done.

so easy and so good. i ate my whole sandwich and was so very full. jim ate two! which, if you know jim, is not surprising...

i hope you are all having a great memorial day weekend. i am really enjoying it so far, except for the sick little girl. but we are feeling much healthier and happier today. now it's time for a family nap! see you later!

xoxo, nora bird

celebrity designers

i have noticed  a trend of celebrities branching out into other factions of fame lately. singers are actors, actors are designers, designers are perfumers. fame begets fame and money begets money. if i were rich and famous, you'd bet your butt i'd try my hand at fashion designing! not everyone has survived the fashion world (j-lo, beyonce), but there are a few that i think are pretty talented...assuming they are actually the ones behind the designs...

i have always thought that chloe sevigny has had fabulous and unique style. she is quirky and sexy and i would love to have a peek in her closets. which is why i was so excited to see that she has designed a line for opening ceremony. here are a few of my faves.
mary jane
alanna fitted jersey dress

sienna miller is another gorgeous starlet. her line, twenty8twelve, is sold in various places, including asos. here's a few of my top picks.

lao dress
denim shirt
and everyone knows the lauren conrad collection at kohls. there are (surprisingly) a ton of cute pieces!
floral bow dress
lace-trim swiss dot skirt
mostly i just want those chloe sevigny mary janes.

do you have any favorite celebrity designers? do you have any problems with celebrities branching out into fashion, perfume or other trendy areas of business?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

a new shirt, a few beers and a little indecent exposure

we actually went out last night. it's been a long time since we've been out on a friday night. i had a half day at work, followed by an amazing kindergarten program, followed by some garage saling, followed by a much needed nap...and then out to dinner and drinks it was with some great friends that we have not seen forever.

i got this super cute t-shirt at one of the sales i went to. i love all things minnesota, and when i saw this shirt, i had to have it! i took it home and washed it right away so i could wear it out asap.

and because it is minnesota, i did need to bring a coat, so i threw on my $10 faux-leather jacket before we headed out.

this one was taken with my phone...everyone looks better in the "vintage" tint.

all in all it was an amazing night. we brought our friends to this crap hole in the wall bar and some guy got kicked out for *ahem* whippin' it out twice. yep, unzipped, unbelted and showed the world. we thought it was hilarious.

i hope your weekends are going well!

megan bird

Friday, May 27, 2011

style me: "hats, the musical"

when nora and i found this shirt, we looked at each other and knew we had to buy it for the shop. now, i hate to actually say that something we are selling is ugly, but it is. it's one of those pieces of clothing that is so ugly it's cute. and we both happen to love clothing that is so ugly it's cute. i mean, how can you turn down a beautiful silky vintage top that is covered, literally covered, in hats. now, if only we could find a hat that is covered in shirts...a match made in sartorial heaven.

the ugly item to be styled:

it's fabulous, right? it's almost surreal, like if you look at it long enough, a sailboat will pop out. trippy!

i took a close up of the hats, i thought this picture would look amazing framed.

wouldn't it be fantastic if under one of the hats, there was just a creepy lady looking at you?

ok, enough about the hats. i am turning into one of those red hat ladies. when i am old, i shall wear purple...

here's how i styled it. the longer sleeves didn't look great with my broader shoulders, so i bunched them up and tied them with some black ribbon i found at a rummage sale. and the longer length of the shirt would be perfect in the winter with a pair of leggings and knee-high boots, but it's (getting) warmer, so i decided to "summer" it up by knotting it (nora thinks i'm brave for showing a bit of my belly...i don't think you can see enough to actually see the product of two kids, so we cool).

one of my favorite things about this shirt...on the inside, there is a label ironed on that has the name "faith zimmeran" written on it in black marker. i love personal touches like that.

so what do you think? do you like hats? do you like shirts? well then do i have a deal for you!

happy friday, friends!

megan bird

Thursday, May 26, 2011

not a dress

i needed a little humor today. i was reading a blog yesterday (sorry, can't remember which one) and she claimed that forever 21 sold items called "dresses" that really weren't. so i thought i'd take a gander around the internets and find some pics of "not dresses"

i see london, i see (paris) france...
just a shirt, vanessa
i'm not a dress, not yet a tunic
oops i did it again
hit me baby one more time
sorry, i will stop with the britney photos...i just couldn't help myself!

if you like it, then you shoulda put a skirt on it
eva shortgoria

don't get me wrong people, i am all about showing off your gams! i just wonder how some of these ladies don't also show off their lady bits in the process. how do you sit, or get out of a car?

what are your thoughts? would you wear this short of a dress? or would you ever wear a shirt as a dress? i hope i don't sound judgmental, cause i'm not – maybe i'm just jealous. however, no one wants to see my cheeks, so i think i will wear shorts with my shirts from now on.

megan bird

curious birds: your go-to hair product

i have been having one of those bad hair weeks. i think it's a mixture of hormones and 'that place in time where you are growing your bangs out and it's all you can do to not cut them' feeling. and for some reason, it's affecting my whole week. i am aware that long bangs are a very minor problem...it really shouldn't affect my whole week, but did i mention hormones? here's the deal, i don't have great hair. i always joke that in my family of five sisters, i am the runt. my parents are beautiful people, don't get me wrong...but if you can find any flaws in them, you can bet they passed them down to me, and only me. ok, that's being a little extreme *hormones*. i did however, get the runt genes for hair. my four sisters have the most beautiful thick and naturally curly hair. you have seen nora...did you know that she just lets her hair air dry? that's all, and it look so beautiful every day. me, i got the thin, fine, half straight/half curly hair. don't get me wrong, when i actually do style my hair, i love it. it is naturally shiny and it always looks healthy. i think my problem is that i don't actually style my hair. does anyone want to come over every morning and do my hair? i sure would appreciate it, and i'd be willing to pay you in lemon ricotta pancakes. every morning.

my troubles started this week when i tried to bike to work on monday. normally, i wash my hair, leave it wet to bike to work and then dry it/style it at the gym at work. i was on my merry way to work when my bike tire decided to pop – in a gunshot sound sort of way. so i was stuck walking home, lame bike in tow. by the time i got home, my hair was half dry and frizzy, and i had no time to do anything about it because i was already late for work. i felt icky all day, which led me to my shopping spree on monday night.

i have been hearing about moroccan oil all over the place. how wonderful it is, how amazing it works...like it's some sort of wonder oil. i am a sucker for beauty products...if you tell me this will get rid of my wrinkles, i'll buy it. if you tell me some fancy exotic oil will make my hair look like one of the kardashian sisters, i'll buy it. which is exactly what i did. i went straight to the store and bought this oil. ok, i went straight to three stores until i finally found a version of what i was looking for.  i have heard that the "true" moroccan oil is the best. but i couldn't find it anywhere and i didn't have time to keep looking. so when i got to sally beauty supply and found this stuff, i snatched it up. it's called one 'n only argan oil. yes, it's a silicone-based product, but so it the real moroccan oil. i can't compare it to the real moroccan oil, because i've never tried it. i can say, however, that i love this stuff. i wish i would have taken a before picture (ok, that's a lie) because my hair looked truly atrocious before i put the oil in it. here is the after picture. it was after work, after working out, after shopping and stopping everywhere trying to find this oil. most importantly, it was after the bad air-dried, frizz walk home with the bad bike...

see – shiny, not frizzy...i even look happy!

the next day, i decided to wash and dry my hair straight and use the oil to see how it works. still loved it. and this morning, i went for a run, didn't wash my hair, added a titch more oil, and voila..still looks good. somehow this oil does not make your hair greasy or heavy. rather, it makes your hair soft and shiny. i honestly have been petting my hair every five minutes at work. ok, that sounds creepy. but you get the idea.

so, since i'm a sucker for products, and i don't have the best hair in the world, i want your advice. what is your go-to hair product? what do you love love love and use every day? i can't wait to hear your answers....and yes, i will most likely be back at sally beauty supply tonight!

megan bird

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

inspiration picture for monday may 30: emma stone

join us next monday for inspiration monday! for all of you new readers, click here for the "rules", or click here to see this week's postings. it's tons of fun and guarantees a cute outfit on monday!! plus it's a great excuse to get a new orange purse (see below).

this week's inspiration comes from the adorable emma stone.

cute, right?

have fun!
megan and nora bird

love*birds: 5.25.11

happy wednesday, all! i have been waking up early (5) and going running every day this week, and let me tell you, i love it! i don't care that it's cloudy or not super warm...there is something about being outside, watching the sun rise over the still lake that makes it all worth while. and as a bonus, today, i saw a rainbow. plus, i am up and so awake by the time i get home that i actually have time to do stuff. yesterday, i perfected the hell's kitchen lemon ricotta pancakes. for those of you not from minneapolis, hell's kitchen is this amazing restaurant downtown that serves breakfast all day. their specialty is the lemon ricotta pancake (so good you don't need syrup) and i believe that i make a pretty good version of them. anyways, enough about my culinary skills...onto some etsy love. nora and i decided to do an all-etsy version of love*birds today. who doesn't love etsy???

megan bird's picks

one little egg necklace
is it bad that i pretty much love anything with a bird on it? or anything turquoise? is that cliche? i don't care, i love this.

vintage red platform shoes
apparently jeffrey campbell doesn't sell shoes on etsy, so i went with the next best thing. love these!!

vintage slinky repurposed dress
you all need to check out all of this seller's dresses. they are vintage tees repurposed. i love them all. i didn't know which one to pick...the strawberry shortcake, breakfast at tiffany's, pebbles and dr. seuss were among my favorites.

small flowers dress
oh how i love love love this dress. love. want. wish i could afford... seriously, i would wear it every day.

tie onesie
one of our sweet readers, linz has this fabulous shop. this onesie is just waiting to be given away as a shower gift. nora bird, get pregnant soon, please!

nora bird's picks

in honor of fellow minnesotan, bob dylan's, birthday (yes, i know i am a day late!). i love this song and this cool print.

i love this dress. it is ladylike and sweet. just so pretty.

so cute and hilarious! i would love to see my practically bald one-year old daughter in this hat. or any baby, for that matter!

i loved oversized, slouchy tee shirts. and owls. jackpot!

you know i love minneapolis. and this illustrated map of my fave city is just too cool. i would love to hang this in my home.

i hope you all are window shopping on etsy right now. is it just us, or could you spend hours looking at that website?
happy hump day!!

the birds