Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tuesday remix: going back to cali

let me give you a recap of my night last night...i came home from work feeling a little under the weather. my belly hurt, my throat hurt and my neck, while starting to get better, has now made a downward spiral towards not being able to move it at all. i'm not trying to get sympathy...i just am trying to give you a little background. so i make dinner, get the kids to bed, take these pictures, down some theraflu and lay down in bed. now, any time i take theraflu or nyquil, i am out for the count. so i turn to chris and tell him that i just took some meds, and if the kids wake up, it's all him. chris is a deep sleeper and counts on me to hear the kids if they wake up. (miraculously, though, if i'm out of town, he can hear them just fine.) but i digress. i take the theraflu and about a half hour later, i am out. out cold. feeling nothing. hearing nothing. nothing. three in the morning rolls around and i wake up to my six-year old on top of me crying, "MAMA, WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING ME?" he is inconsolable. and chris is softly snoring next to me. nothing. so this is the story of how i have been up since three in the morning. it's kind of funny when you actually think about it.

as you may know, nora is on her way to beautiful california. lucky gal. while she's out, you all get me for the week. i hope you don't mind. i thought for nora's tuesday remix, i would do a little ode to california....so here goes.

this is the shirt/tunic/dress that i chose to use. it has been in my closet for a while, and i rarely wear it. it's one of those fun button-down shirts that gapes at the chest...like i talked about yesterday. it has forever had a pin in between the third and fourth buttons, and because of that, i haven't taken it out of the closet for a while. until today...
shirt ~ H&M
#1. california dreaming

sweater ~ vintage, thrifted
slip ~ vintage, thrifted
hair clip ~ H&M
sandals ~ Target
earrings ~ F21

#2. hotel california

scarf ~ some store in amsterdam
belt ~ thrifted
tights ~ Target
shoes ~ 6PM
earrings ~ ??

#3. all the gold in california

gold dress ~ clothes swap
shoes ~ ebay
belt ~ vintage, thrifted
necklace ~ two birds
earrings ~ Kohls
bracelet ~ F21

it was pretty fun to style this three different ways...maybe i will actually wear it a little bit more, now! do you have anything in your closet that could use a little revamping? try it!

happy tuesday!
megan bird


  1. Awesome remix...loving the inspiration. Love the last photo...you look great in that dress. Thanks for all the fun yesterday and for all of the new people that I am following now. Feel better. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Oh man, I hope you can sneak in a nap some time today! I love this remix - they all look so different from each other! That gold dress is so cool too!

  3. All of these looks are fab, but #3 is my favorite. What kind of shoes are those?

  4. kimi...i will look when i get home and let you know!

  5. I totally have that shirt from there! Thanks for 3 new ways to style it :)

  6. Oh, I am glad Kimi asked about those shoes. They are cool looking. I am enjoying the remixes. That is a very clever idea, thanks for sharing.

  7. I am sorry you were not feeling good!! I did not even leave my couch on Sunday. Not at all. Not a little bit. Not even to brush my teeth. That's what 12 hours of drinking will do! I hope you are feeling better. Love this post. I like the third outfit! Very sexy secretary! xo

  8. Great remixes, their all so different! Love the first one the most!

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  9. Great, great re-mixes!! And I love wearing dresses under dresses... it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Hope your having a fab week. xx veronika

  10. right?! I mean seriously, thrifting has ruined me, haha, but it's a good, economically savvy kind of ruined. These outfits are all great, my favorite is the first with all of it's beautiful, feminine touches and textures. gorgeous! it's nice to meet you, I am definitely following you now :)

  11. I am loving #1! Hope you feel better and get caught up on SLEEP. ;)