Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tuesday remix: disneyland

i have a confession to make. i shop in the girl's section of target. sometimes it's my first stop at the store...specifically the clearance portion of the girl's section. what can i say, sometimes they have the exact same clothes as the women's section, but they are cheaper. while i normally only buy skirts and sweatshirts (i.e., stretchy, elastic-banded clothing that will fit), today, on a whim, i bought a pair of pants. ok, i guess i have two confessions to make. these pants are disney. so yes, i now own a pair of disney floral jeans. but they were only $4.98, so you can't laugh too hard.

and here they are in all their glory. chris hates them, he doesn't think they are flattering. he may be right. but i love the color, they are super comfy, and remember, they were $4.98. so you all can be the judges. should i keep them? (to be honest, after cropping and editing pictures, i tend to agree with chris...they are super unflattering. but, he is sleeping, and he's my photographer, and honestly, i don't feel like doing another remix. so you guys get to see my "pta, soccer mom, mom jeans remix")

the jeans:

1. flora

 shirt ~ marshalls
necklace, earrings ~ F21
shoes ~ 9.98 store

2. fauna

tank ~ marshalls
jacket ~ thrifted, gap
shoes ~ F21
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ F21

3. merryweather 

 shirt ~ thrifted, target
shoes ~ target
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ H&M

so there you have it...the remix that never should have been. i am so happy nora gets back tonight! and kids, if this remix has taught you anything, it should be that no matter how cheap something is...don't buy it just because it's cheap. oh, and also, if you are going to buy little girl jeans, try them on first. lesson learned!

happy tuesday!
megan bird


  1. those pants are darling! and, you have no problem coming up with multiple outfits, so I say keep them! also, that's weird, there's one of those $9.98 shoe stores kind of by me, who would've thought they were a chain or that there were more?

  2. To be honest, I kinda like the pants. They're definitely funky! :)

  3. No shame in shopping at the girl's section. I currently covet the Disney (yup, the same brand) denim blazer/jacket and the striped one. Although when I buttoned them up, I felt flattened-- but of course, it's for girls...

  4. hahahahah this awesome!!!!! i love the risk taking!!! and it just looks amazing!

  5. Megan bird, you look great in them...and I love the remixes. Wear them cuffed in the summer with a tank and some strappy sandals. They are a keeper. Thanks for the comment about my legs...I have to work on that. You made me feel better. If only they were equal to my hair...lol. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes. xo

  6. I never thought about the girls' clearance section. I'll have to hit it up next time I'm at Target.
    When I saw the first pic of the jeans I thought, "hmmm....", but after seeing you style them up, I like them!

  7. Adorable jeans. I can never say no to a fantastic floral print. And of course your re-styles are fabulous. xx veronika

  8. i gotta say, you must save so much money by being able to shop in the girls' section. i think the floral pants are pretty cute!

  9. I think they are kinda fun!! and 4.98...is lucky!

  10. I think that the pants are fun, and the print is great for spring.

  11. I think they're really cute and love the idea of cuffing them or wearing them as crop pants.

  12. gorgeous trousers :) i love finding quirky trousers in charity shops! so good. xxxx

  13. I like! I tend to shop in the girl's section, too.

  14. I love those pants & you are rockin them!


  15. fantastic! i especially enjoy that last iteration.