Thursday, April 7, 2011

new loves and old friends: the pulled-up dress

let me start off by saying i love this dress. i love the color, i love the fabric and i love the swoop of the neck line. what i don't love is something that is so easily fixable – yet i just haven't done it. it's the length. i rarely wear this dress all because it's about 12 inches too long. it hangs right at that thickest part of my calf area...the part that when it gets cut off, i look like i just might have cankles. well, i realized that it's super easy to do a temporary fix for my issues. a little pulling, a little tucking, and some strategic belt placement, and presto chango! a new dress.

new loves:
blazer ~ target
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ 6PM
socks ~ stolen from my mother-in-law
earrings ~ F21

old friends:
dress ~ vintage, garage sale

yes, i will be taking this, along with about six other dresses, to be hemmed soon. after all, what is a dress when it's just sitting in your closet unworn??? lonely. so lonely.

happy thursday!!
megan bird


  1. beautiful dress!

  2. Pretty pretty!!
    And smart thinking!!


  3. The shorter length looks great!

  4. LOVE what you wrote about the socks, made me laugh!

  5. Super cute and love it with the socks. Also love how you tucked the dress and pulled it up.

  6. So it would be the perfect length for me since I am seven feet tall, eh? No need to venture to the seamstress, dear, you can send ALL of the dresses and skirts right to my closet! I actually have several skirts that are too long on me, too. Do you have an affordable local seamstress that you use? If not, we should find one! xoxo

  7. AND, you could never, in a million years have cankles.

  8. there is no sadder sight than a never worn garment just left to hang.
    this dress is cute, you should indeed wear it more often :O)

  9. Very impressive tucking and belting. I think this dress looks fabulous on you.

  10. Oooh very you're saying this was a longer length dress? It doesn't look like it at all, you did a great job with the belt and making it look like a normal shorter length dress-bravo!

  11. Looks adorable. Love it more with the jacket.

  12. this is so hot. like burning up the library hot. i love it with the socks and booties.