Wednesday, April 6, 2011

kreativ blogger award

thank you so much to the adorable emma at Behind the Leopard Glasses for awarding us the Kreativ Blogger Award! she is so sweet! be sure to check out her blog!  

the rules are to tell 10 facts about yourself...and since megan went last time it is now my turn! so, here goes...

1. i have been a vegetarian for almost 11 years (megan has me beat, big time). 
2. i love to sing karaoke and dream of being a singer in a cover band someday. so far, megan and i make up our "band", so if anyone is interested...
3. i have only traveled to three other countries besides the U.S. (canada, mexico and italy). i dream of someday traveling all over the world with my family. i want my kids to see everything!
4. i consider sour cream to be a very important condiment and always have some (okay, a ton) in the fridge. seriously, it is good on everything.
5. i live in minnesota and have never lived in another state. my husband and i have considered it many times but we love being so close to both of our families.
6. my favorite pizza toppings are pineapple and banana peppers. together. on one pizza. yum.
7. i am the middle sister of five girls. no brothers, but of course, many wonderful brothers-in-law!
8. it is extremely surprising to most people, due to my extreme shyness, that i have a degree in theater. if i could go back, i would not major in theater again.
9. i have been waiting tables, on and off, for almost 15 years. and i am a very good tipper.
10. i never thought i wanted kids. now that i have my amazing daughter, i don't think i will ever want to stop having them! bring 'em on!

thanks you again, emma!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. thanks for participating! <3 your blog & I litterally laughed out loud at the "I am a good tipper" I waited tables for a while- I am also a great tipper! People have no idea how many times you get stiffed or how you make 60 cents an hour!


  2. Well done. Love your interview. xoxo

  3. Cheers to other vegetarian bloggers. I've been veggie for about 14 years now.
    Plus, karaoke for the win. :D
    Great random facts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. you're so right - sour cream is amazing!

  5. lovely blog!!!