Wednesday, April 6, 2011

inspiration picture for april 11th

thanks to all who participated in the april 4th challenge. it was so fun looking at all the posts to see how people were inspired by alexa! next monday's inspiration is the beautiful diane kruger.

to see how inspiration monday works, click here. to see the april 4th post, click here.

thanks for participating! be inspired!!

megan bird


  1. i consistently love diane kruger's style. she takes interesting fashion risks and i think she's totally underrated. maybe those of us non-blogger-follower types will play along with this one for our own enjoyment :)

  2. So, I really wanted to do this for your last Inpiration Monday, but I just knew that one of you would wear the polka dot skirt from Target. And that's what I would have worn (except mine is gray and yours is blue.) Great minds/birds/friends think alike! Since I will be on vacation til next week, I can't participate in this one either! I can't wait to do this soon though! I love it!! I love everyone's own take on it, too. This is one of my new favorite two birds' posts! xo

  3. I have nothing in my closet that even resembles this look. I may be forced to be an admiring bystander. ; )

  4. kris...that's the fun of it! i don't think i have anything that really looks like that, either...but i will try! i hope you join us (but understand if you don't). we always welcome suggestions...