Monday, April 18, 2011

inspiration monday: there's no doubt about it

let me start off by saying i hated this week's inspiration. no, i don't hate gwen's look or her outfit. i just hated recreating it. i had three different outfits and took three sets of photos. chris took the first two, and then i just didn't have the heart to ask him to take any more pictures. so out came the trusty tripod and the third and final set of pictures. i still don't love them, but here they are anyways. me not loving them may have something to do with being up until 2:30 drinking coronas, singing karaoke and having an all around way too fun of a night last night. worth it!

did anyone else used to wear jeans with ripped butts and boxers underneath them when you were younger? or was it just me? anyone? anyone? what a look that was! my first thought when seeing this picture is that i would have to borrow chris' underwear to actually copy this outfit. it's an interesting fashion choice...but somehow gwen makes it work. maybe it's because she is impeccably stylish and looks good in pretty much anything. so i decided to not be quite so literal with the inspiration. i took the general idea of the outfit, and here's what i came up with...

after today's challenge, i am now getting rid of my boyfriend jeans, a pair of olive cargo boyfriend pants and any button-down plaid shirts i own (one). boyfriend jeans were made for models with five foot long legs, not short and muscular legs and wide hips. and button-down shirts were made for small-chested women. i don't need any little between-the-button peep shows that happen when i wear button downs. just a few thoughts. while my outfit looks nothing like gwen's, i was happy to be inspired by her. sometimes it takes a challenge like this, and three photo shoots to realize that you shouldn't be wearing some of your clothes. plus side: more room in the closet!

shirt ~ F21
jeans ~ Macy's
shoes ~ DSW
earrings ~ Kohl's

what's your take? link up so everyone else can see how gwen inspired you!!

happy monday. be inspired!
megan bird


  1. Megan bird, I hear you on that one darling...I am too short to be wearing my husband jeans but I will post my photos anyway today. I really like your refined version of Gwen's outfit...great job!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge...drop in when you get a chance. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. I love boyfriend jeans, but like you said, they are not made for normal people..or short people, like moi. Love you take on the outfit. We both changed up things but it's so neat to see how different each outfit can be.

    Tiffanie A.

  3. Hey Megan

    Love the black blouse and shoes.
    So far everyone's look, including my own, has, worked out more glam than I was expecting.
    I had to do it on Sunday again as just couldn't rock the look at work.

    Lori xo

  4. I really like your shirt! But I hear ya on the button-up/button-down shirt issues. I get the button gapes, too, so I end up having to leave the top few ones unbuttoned.

  5. I remember the ripped butt/boxers style, ut my mom wouldn't let me wear it. I like the blouse that you chose.

    I wore my inspiration look today, but might now post it until tomorrow.

  6. wow what a pretty outfit! Love the style.

    love mongs,

  7. I know, somehow Gwen can pull of ANYTHING (even men's whitey tighteys apparently!) I like your take on it! I have the same problem with oxford shirts, when I wear them I have to put safety pins between the buttons or I'm flashing everyone all day!

  8. Thanks for doing this challenge. I am having so much fun looking at everyone's outfits.
    I like those jeans on you, and I like that you used a softer fabric in your shirt choice. It looks flirty and cute.

  9. I had a lot of fun with this one. I used my jeep and grocery bags for the total look! It's so interesting to check out all the different ways the same look is styled. Your shoes are so cute! Wish I could wear heels.

  10. I don't know about you, but I really like them on you! Who says we have to look like models to rock in these jeans? Common! :)
    I also like the fact that instead of white undies we can see something cute & pink under your shirt! Nice move! :)
    I did my best as well, I felt great in today's outfit! :)
    Can't wait until next Monday!!!

  11. I've taken to wearing my button-downs only buttoned up to beneath my bust, and then wear a cute little tank underneath. Because there's no way I can find a button-down shirt to deal with my D cups that won't be a potato sack everywhere else, sigh.

  12. You are funny. I do get your point with the button downs though. When I had my old chest (you know before breastfeeding and having two kids) I had the same problem. Not so much anymore.
    I like your outfit. I didn't do the underwear thing either. Can't wait to see if anyone was brave enough! :)

  13. I definitely remember the days of wearing ripped up jeans with your boxers...although I just couldn't do the whole underwear showing thing for this post!

    I think you look great with the rolled up jeans and heels. Plus, you were gutsy enough to wear a sheer shirt with the super hot bra underneath-nice! Love it!

  14. Yay, I finally made it too! This is such a fun outfit, if I didn't have to go to work I'd just keep wearing it :-D And to think I nearly ditched it because of my Kate Middleton Fashion Week... EEEEK. So glad I didn't!

    Relatable Style

  15. I finally posted my outfit pics, YAY! I can't wait to try to figure out next week''s gonna be a difficult one for me!

  16. What!? You didn't like re-creating this!? I thought it was rather fun-and maybe that's just because that's something I would wear on a regular day. Your version looks cute as well. Very simple and feminine!

  17. I stopped wearing my Boyfriend Jeans after a couple of big dudes at a saloon beat the bejessus out of me.