Thursday, April 21, 2011

curious birds: favorite jeans

i have a lot of questions for which i would love a multitude of answers. and the few times that i have thrown one out in the blogosphere, i have found an answer that works for me. so nora and i figured, why not make a post out of it and make it a regular weekly thing. we share with you our favorite product, makeup, online store, item of get the idea, and you tell us your favorites. that way we can all maybe get a few ideas on some of the good stuff that is floating around out there. what do you say, are you in? cause i sure could use your advice!

i thought i'd start out with the bane of my existence (ok, that's a titch dramatic)...jeans. it is rare that i find a pair of jeans that i love. i can find some that are super comfortable, but then there's a 99% chance that they won't look good one me. or i can find a pair that makes my legs look long and lean, but then they are too tight around the waist...stuff like that. 

let me tell you a little something about my body. i have had two children, and i have a stomach and hips to prove it. i was born blessed with what my mom likes to call "child-bearing hips". i always hated them, until i had kids. do you know how much easier it is to carry a child (both internally and externally) when you have hips? i was a pro at hoisting a baby and a sack of groceries at the same time...i just rested one of each on my hips. they were like little shelves to put things on. so, great for carrying things, horrible for fitting into jeans. and it's not just that i have big hips, it's that they are not proportionate to my waist. i have a 25" waist and 35" hips (red beans and rice didn't miss her) (yes i just referenced a sir mix a lot song). finding jeans to fit my butt, my hips, and my waist is oftentimes hard. oh, and did i mention that i hate the muffin-top effect? i refuse to wear jeans that are too tight around my waist. i need to be able to pull them over the little leftover from having babies. moms, do you know the belly skin that i am talking about? no? just me? i hope not! even as cheap frugal as i am, if i found a perfect pair of jeans for $200, i just might buy them...that's how desperate i am. me, the woman who shops almost exclusively at thrift stores.

these are my favorite jeans, and yes, i got them at a thrift store. i love them because they are a size or two too big, but you can't really tell. they are so soft and light weight; not a thick denim, but rather an almost flannel-sheet sort of denim. i could wear them to bed (but i wouldn't). they also have big belt loops and a tailored hem and pockets, so they look a little fancier than some jeans. i don't love the wide leg on me (they tend to hang off the biggest part of your body – in my case my hips), but i will wear them anyways...with heels of course! i didn't know the brand, had never heard of them. they are called see thru soul (so deep, jeans) and they are fabulous. i googled them, and it appears that they are normally about $70 on i got a pretty good deal for $3 at the thrift store! of course, they are 98% cotton and 2% spandex...i would honestly never wear a pair of jeans without stretch anymore.

so those are my faves, for now. but i would to hear what your favorites are. i will take each comment and rush to the store to try every suggested pair on. seriously...i am on a quest for the perfect jean. oh, did i mention, the perfect jean makes me look like eva mendes. can you help me?

so what is your favorite pair of jeans? and what makes a perfect pair of jeans in your eyes? we'd love to hear your thoughts!

megan bird


  1. I love See Thru Soul jeans and have found them at the thrift. Macy's did sell them at one time and they have nice clothing too. I find that my best fitting jeans are X2 by Express. They're not too low on the waist and I always find them at the thrift for 5.99. Ebay has them as well. I like the idea of sharing info between bloggers...lookin forward to it. Enjoy your day...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes.

  2. My favorite pair of jeans I ever had were Hudsons. They cost a fortune, but since I wore them 3-4 times a week I figured they were worth it. They made my butt look great, my thighs look slim, and there was NO MUFFIN TOP (I share your disdain). The only bad part was that, after about 8 months, I wore holes into the thighs. I got them patched, and then I wore holes through the patches. Towards the end of their life (18 months), a hole even started forming in the seat. At $165 - $175 a pair, this is a dealbreaker, amiright? Still, I received tons of compliments in those jeans, and despite their inability to withstand ongoing friction from my bodacious thighs and booty, I would buy them again.

    Right now I'm excited to wear the JBrand jeans I got on Ebay for $30, like new. They're a leetle too small for me at the moment, but I like the stretch in them, and even a tidge too tight they do not give me muffintop.

  3. I love Gap denim. I too have had two kids and have the lovely tummy to prove it. Gap offers multitudes of styles in mid and high-rise for reasonable prices - I get online coupons all the time and they're always combinable (not a word) with sale prices.

    Also, The Limited offers a Lexie style which caters to your exact shape - small waist, bigger hips. Don't know if they have any Lexie jeans out right now but they're always a thought!

  4. I only ever seem to have one pair of jeans that I love at any one time... it's like there is only enough love for one pair in my wardrobe (perhaps I love too much?)
    I wear and wear and wear them until they almost fall apart. Then I mourn them and somehow another pair finds their way to me.
    I hate shopping for jeans (trying on pair after pair saddens me and makes me miss the last pair a little more...)
    I would pay a lot for a great pair of jeans because I wear them All. The. Time. I certainly get value for money from them as their cost per wear always practically hits zero.
    Greta post. I'm now reminiscing about all the pairs I have loved and lost... *sigh*

  5. you should try the new Levi's ID curve. They have smaller waist and curvy hips. They even have different level of "curviness". I adore mine. Better yet, sign up for their newsletter and wait until they go 35% or 40% off.

  6. I don't think I can be much help on this as I have the opposite problem (boyish hips; my ribs, waist, and hips measurements only differ by a couple inches). I do love Earnest Sewn jeans though (they're pricey but I just keep an eye out for them at TJ Maxx) because they have just the right amount of spandex for stretch!

  7. I like my Gap jeans since they actually fit my hips and waist. Maybe going to a tailor would be a good option for you?

  8. I, too, have a 10" difference between my waist and hips, and have rather full thighs and calves so it's hard to find jeans that fit. Oh, and I also have short legs compared to the length of my torso. I'm a mess. I hate to say it, but I like Gap jeans. The reason I hate to say it is because while I love them I also find their sizing to be really inconsistent. I love their perfect boot jeans because they sit at a really great spot on the hips, not too high and not low rise, and the waist band is contoured so I don't have that gap in the back. I also think they do a good job of slimming my hips. I sometimes love their Always Skinny jeans, but have to buy them online in Tall sizes because otherwise I can't get them over my calves. This of course means I have to hem them, but they also fit well in the butt and waist so it's worth it. The last pair of jeans I bought there were High Rise Skinnies, and they are fantastic, but I had to buy two sizes larger than my normal Gap size. Oh, and their Real Straight jeans fit me well, and are similar to the fit of the Perfect Boot.

    I've had Joes because everyone said the Honey Booty was great for shapes like mine, but I really didn't think they were that special. I've also had Hudsons that fit really well, but they were bleached and ripped (I was going through my divorce when I bought them so my judgment was a little off) so they have moved on to another home. The fit was good, but a little low for my liking.

    My latest attempt at finding the perfect pair was at the Levi's store. They have all of the different cuts now, or Curve ID as they call it, to try to solve the waist/hip fit problems. I bought (actually my mom bought them for me) the Demi Curve. They are pretty good, but there isn't enough stretch in them to put them at the top of my favorites list, but they are worth a try.

  9. I am 27.5-28" at the smallest part of my waist and 40.5" at the widest part of my hips/rear. That is a 13 inches difference....

    I do have problems with some jeans squishing my rear, and some that are stretchy enough get really baggy. My favorite jeans right have been-
    Banana Republic Trouser Jeans (had to be hemmed) and Guess Premium I got on Ebay. I'm looking for the 'perfect' jeans too, it's not easy!

  10. I love this idea of sharing favorite products! Unfortunately, I haven't found my perfect jean yet. I have always had larger hips, and now I have the stomach problem as well thanks to mommyhood. I'll have to give Gap jeans a fair shot since a few people mentioned them so far.

  11. Ok now if you have hips that can carry a sack of groceries then I have hips that can carry a small building! You are kidding me, you look awesome. You wear your hips and muffin top, (which I doubt) very well!

    I wish I could help you in this category, because I am still searching for mine! I just lost 7.8 lbs with Weight Watchers and plan on losing more, so then maybe I can tell you what my favorite pair of jeans are!

    So glad you found me and left a comment! I love the name Eva! My E would be perfect for you. If I ever tire of it, I'll let you know!

    Newest follower!



  12. I have no waist and no butt, which is not a fun problem either. My favorite at the moment has to be J Brand jeans, and ADG jeans- they really do have better quality when they're "designer" brands.

    If you have wide hips and a skinny waist, have you ever tried buying jeans to fit your hips, then taking the waistband in? I've seen a bunch of tutorials online for that, but I'm not sure how difficult it would be to do.

  13. Jeans are such a hard thing to even think about...the frustration that I experience even thinking about jeans is ridiculous. I'm extremely short and buy the time jeans are hemmed they just don't look balanced in the legs. That said, I love Lucky jeans and Levi's. I think Levi's do a really good job fitting 'real' women's bodies.

  14. I too am a small waist to larger hip ratio girl. It can be hard to find the right pair of jeans for sure. Some of my favorites are: Cookie Johnson- She is Magic Johnson's wife and her jeans were featured on Oprah. She designs them with curvy women in mind. They are wonderful!
    7 For All Mankind "Dojo"- These do ride slightly lower than other jeans, but they are amazingly flattering on the butt and thighs.
    Paige Denim- Expensive, but great cuts and very flattering

  15. I purchased the most wonderful pair of jeans at Target - they are the William Rast bootleg ones. I went back 3 weeks later, and they were on clearance for $12.97, so I bought another pair, plus one for one of my friends who kept telling me how much she loved them. I would recommend finding them on ebay, or perhaps they have them on the target website!

  16. Levi actually do a custom fit/tailoring service for jeans, which might be useful?