Thursday, March 10, 2011

what if there was mtv in the '70s?

i don't watch mtv. i used to love it when i was growing up...for some reason, watching videos was so fun for me. in fact, before we had cable, i would try as hard as i could to stay up late (10:35?) on a friday to watch friday night videos (what an original title). and then, in the late 80s, when we did have cable, my friend tina and i would stay up watching headbangers ball on mtv. i loved it. poison, ratt, that one song by ozzy osbourne and lita ford. those were the days. but now, it's all fist bumping and teenage angst. i just don't enjoy those types of judgement to those who do. i'm sure i would easily get sucked into a saturday marathon...don't get me wrong!
what i do like is awards shows. and you can always count on mtv to host a very interesting awards show. i never actually watch the whole show, but i do like to see what everyone is wearing (even if i don't know who everyone is)! an mtv awards show is the place where artists can show off their true artistic license when it comes to fashion. i don't always love it (meat dress), but it is fun to watch!
so i got to thinking. what would it have been like if mtv had been created pre-80s. how would the red carpets have looked at the awards shows back then? i love me some retro singers, so i found a few of my fashion favorites.
janis would have rocked the red carpet like no one else. i love her voice, her style, her i don't give a crap attitude.
stevie nicks, 'nuff said.
linda ronstadt (that's what i would look like, too, if i ever got to meet johnny!)
dolly parton! sparkles and ruffles...a woman after my own heart.
no one rocks a mini like tina turner
i know he's not a woman, but come on...david bowie would have ruled the red carpet!
joni mitchell – so simple and beautiful and classy. lover her.
debbie harry – she can make anything look good.
aretha, la diva
cher – the original
we can't forget the amazing diana ross!

at least half of these women have their own doll. is that when you know you've made it? when you get a doll? i need to get myself a doll. i kind of already have one...

monchhichi was my nickname growing up. i looked exactly like this as a child...haircut and all!

ok, so who did i miss? who had (or still has) style that you would have loved to see walk the red carpet?

megan bird


  1. Linda Ronstadt goes in my car with me. Clear pure voice. Janis Joplin-we were at a 12 hour race at Sebring, Fl. It was night, the day had been sunny and filled with excitement and beer. Down the row was a huge stereo cranking Janis, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, etc. Wow!

  2. (a) That Linda Ronstadt pic could totally have been you! (b) Excellent work including David Bowie -- I've still got a fetish! (c) The only thing missing is a Lite Brite reference! Loved this -- thanks!

  3. i love the '70s..
    i think the people who lived in this time expressed their feelings and mood with their clothes :)


  4. I watched a lot of MTV in college, right before they stopped showing videos. What do people watch at 3:00 AM now?

  5. Yay!

    I had a Monchichi doll and I loved her!!! Do you remember the song:

    Monchichi Monchici so soft and cuddle-y!

    I also LOVE Linda Ronstadt. My Dad is a big fan and I grew up on her. Blue Bayou is one of my old faves...


  6. What an interesting idea! And you really illustrated what you meant very well. Thanks for the peek into the past-that-could-have-been!

  7. Hey! Sorry for this late response but I was on vacation... I really like your post, cuz I love the last decades I can't stop looking at old pictures ;D What do you think about following each other? kisses Nini