Wednesday, March 16, 2011

two things i love today

i don't do makeup/product reviews. i don't even really do makeup. i know i have talked about this before. i wish i knew how to wear makeup, but i don't. i'm 37 years old and i have never worn foundation. is that bad? should i start? i wouldn't even know how to apply it. don't get me wrong, i rarely leave the house without at least a little concealer, and i usually throw on some blush and mascara, but i don't know how to do fancy movie star makeup. i wish i did...
i am however, a sucker for any makeup gimmick. i found myself googling cindy crawford's skincare line the other night/morning when i couldn't sleep and somehow got sucked into an infomercial. i mean, it contains this wonder melon that i have never heard of that rots exponentially slower than any other type of melon. in the world, people! so it must make me look young, right? just look at cindy crawford! luckily the google reviews were bad and i was saved $100 every 90 days and my dignity!
but yes, i am still a sucker. i see commercials, and if the product is affordable, i will test it out. i am currently stocked with products claiming to firm my skin, get rid of wrinkles and make me look 20 again. we'll the back of my head i know they can't really reverse aging. but that doesn't stop me from hoping!
so it came to be the other day that chris and i went to aveda to get facials. it's kind of a birthday tradition on his birthday. we get facials with foot and scalp massages, go get a bite to eat at some dive diner and then have a few beers at an even bigger dive bar. tons of fun. as i was getting my facial, i fell in love. i adore all things aveda. the smell, the ingredients...i love it all. so when they tried to sell us product after the facial, i couldn't resist. (well, the fact that if we spent $75 in product, we got a free facial didn't hurt!) so i bought this stuff.

and man do i love it. i have only been using it for less than a week, so i can't attest to it's skin-firming ways. my guess is that my skin will continue to droop as i age, regardless of what i use. but in the meantime, i will be using this stuff. it's a little spendy ($55 for 1.7 oz.), but i say worth it. it smells delicious, it's creamy and just thick enough to coat my dry skin without being oily. and it makes my skin glow. really, my skin glows! that never happens. and it's a baby's bottom. i will let you know in two to four weeks if i see any changes in my wrinkles and/or firmness in my skin.

the other item i am loving this week is maybelline colorsensational lipstain (in cranberry crush). i had been reading about lipstains on various blogs, so i decided to try it out. generally i don't wear lipstick. i am a chapstick afficionado, but lipstick is usually only applied once as i'm going out on a friday night. i always forget to reapply, and then after one sip of wine, the color is all on the glass and gone from my lips. i love how it looks, i just don't have the memory to reapply every 20 minutes! so i bought this stuff. and i love it. first of all, it's cheap. i got it at target for $4.99. secondly, it smells like candy. actually, scratch that, you know what it smells like? one of those scented markers; the ones where red smells like cherry, blue smells like raspberry and black smells like black licorice (gross). the minute i opened it, i was brought back to grade school. because not only does it smell like a marker, it looks like one. yep. it's a marker for your lips. check it out.
so you basically just draw it on your lips. but not to worry, if you mess up, it is easy to wipe off. somehow, you can wipe it off if you make a mistake, yet it doesn't wipe off when you eat and drink. genius. i like to swipe a little chapstick over it just because it is a little dry. but with the chapstick, it still stays on, and looks so nice and glossy. here's a picture of my lips with the cranberry crush and some good ol' chapstick.

it's kind of weird to take a picture of just your lips. have you ever done it?

so there you have it. my unendorsed loves for the week. how about you? do you have any products that you absolutely adore? do share...because i'm sure i will run out and buy them!

here's to a wrinkle-free week!
megan bird


  1. I love the colour of your lips! xoxo

  2. I have some of the Revlon lipstain, and I wear it almost every day. I like it because it looks natural, but a little more polished than chapstick alone.

  3. Nice colour, I love the red colour for the lips but this is different!


    follow u!

  4. Love your lip picture!

    Oh do I love make up! I am a big fan of colorful eye shadows, especially since I wear a lot of black. Today I am wearing some green ones.
    If you want to play around with eye shadows, I'd recommend the brand NYX. They are on the cheap side, the quality is decent and they are cruelty free.
    Now the thing I am addicted to is the chubby stick from clinique. It's a colored lip balm. Seriously it feels as comfortable on the lips as a lip balm and it comes in very pretty colors (I have a pink and an orange). They last a few hours but reapplying is not a big deal since again it's a lip balm! They are on the pricey side at $15 but in my mind they are totally worth it since I wear it everyday! Check them out.

  5. Love that lipstick on you
    so pretty

    i have a new outfit of the day!
    come nd take a look
    everyday a new post.

    Xo model from holland

  6. Nice lippy pic....guess what? Im 42 years old...and have never worn foundation....I say NADA....if we dont need it by now, maybe we never will, lol...:0

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  7. Hahaha.........42, fo sho! Rock it with me!! :):)

  8. Now you got me curious about that cream!! The lipstick looks fab on you too! xx

  9. I love the lip pic! Great color. I'm only 25 but have been OBSESSED with anti-aging products since I found my first wrinkle at 13. Clearly the late nights have hit my skin hard. I'm currently in love with Laura Mercier repair serum. It's spendy but TOTALLY worth it. It takes away the lines in my forehead and perhaps has some botoxy properties because it prevent me from moving the wrinkled parts too much.

  10. Thanks for the review! I love aveda products, but have never tried any of their skincare stuff (only hair stuff). I am really loving Fresh products right now - just did a few reviews on my blog!