Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tuesday remix

tuesday again! time to remix! this week's item is a new-to-me tomato red mini skirt, originally from express design studio. i found it at a thrift store this past weekend and thought it was too cute to pass up. since i just bought it i obviously haven't had a chance to actually wear it anywhere. so, i thought it would be fun to style it a few different ways to see how i could wear it eventually. i had a good time with this remix! and i would love to hear what you think! p.s. i took these photos at night and ended up having to use my flash. so i apologize that i look even paler than usual (check out those legs! yikes!). the hubby, the girl and i are taking a trip to california in april (so very excited!!!) and i promise to try my hardest to get a nice tan while we're there!

the item:

outfit one: color blocked

blouse- vintage, thrifted
shoes- michael antonio, cutesy shoes
necklace- gift from bestie kate

outfit two: untucked

tank top- jake's closet, marshalls
shoes- anne michelle
white necklace- vintage, thrifted
gold necklace- same as above

outfit three: tee time

tee shirt- F21
belt- ???
shoes- F21, gift from my sisters
tights- JCP
earrings- target

bonus outfit: seeing red

tunic- UO
shoes- we who see, thrifted
necklace- vintage, thrifted

i hope you all have a fun-filled tuesday!!!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. They are all super cute outfits, but number one is my favourite. xoxo

  2. I love love love the first outfit with color blocking. I'm so into mixing pink and red right now. I also love number 3 for a little more casual look.

  3. Fab outfits. Love the red skirt the most, I'm on the hunt now :)


  4. love that first outfit! want it. pale legs are so fashionable right now. that's what i keep telling myself!

  5. I really like the first one. I'm glad it is still tights weather, because I am pale!

  6. I like the belted one with the tee the best. I'm loving this little "paper doll" mix and match :)

  7. you did some amazing things with that skirt. It is so adorable!

  8. They're all such sweet looks! Great that you can match the skirt with anything! =)

  9. I AM OBSESSED WITH THE COLOR OF THIS SKIRT!! [so serious it needed caps!] So cute love all your outfits!



  10. I love these events you got going each day. So similar to how I create my outfits. Whenever I buy something new I style it at least three different ways.
    I am looking forward to participating next Monday. Please keep sending the photos to FBFF that is how I found you.

  11. Hey N. So I learned all about color blocking on the last episode of Fashion Police. Do you watch it? I am digging it (the show and the blocking). You are so on trend. ;) Ya'll post about stuff and the next minute I am getting my fashion mag and they are writing that it's the next thing. Watch the next issue of Glamour will have a gal in turquoise bloomers! xo

  12. Love these looks! What a great way to mix it up :)