Friday, March 11, 2011

style me

i found this amazingly ugly zebra print jacket at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. i actually kind of love it. i love animal print and blazers and over-sized items of clothing. and my grandma totally would have rocked this baby in the 80s.

 wow! try not to stare at that photo for too long. it will make you dizzy! 

i must admit, it is pretty ugly! however, with a belt and some simple black pants and a cute pair of boots, i will actually totally wear this blazer! (belts really work wonders, don't they?). what do you think? would you wear this outfit? be honest!

blazer- vintage, thrifted
pants- F21
boots- alloy
belt- vintage, thrifted
earrings- UO

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I would absolutely wear this - I especially like that you paired it with brown boots and not the expected black. I think it's fantastic.


  2. I think you styled this really well. Slim pants and cute boots can make most tops look fabulous.

  3. I like it on you, but picture it: a six-foot tall gal covered in animal print. No thanks. I will stick to my leopard slippers and leave the jackets to you! :) (You look *super* cute in it btw.) Is this supposed to be a "taking something ugly and making it pretty" post? I can never tell bc they end up looking great! :)

  4. Yes I would.
    But then again I love anything Animal Print!!


  5. i would look like dorothy from the golden girls in this blazer. you, on the other hand, manage to make it joan jett. (that's a good thing. obviously :)

  6. So cute!! You guys should add your awesome thrift finds on my Thrifty Thursday because they rock...seriously! :) P.s. Kind of jealous you found this lovely :D

  7. I love it & want it!! great find! <3

  8. SO GREAT. but i think there is ugly out there and then there is fantastically ugly. and i can't resist fantastically ugly. and the styling is perfect. look so chic belted and scrunchy.

  9. amazing vintage blazer. it looks so rockin' cool.