Wednesday, March 2, 2011

style me

i almost didn't post this one. this is one of those items of clothing that is so ugly i love it. i feel that way about a lot of things. like this:
how much do i want to squeeze this dog???

i showed the pictures to a few people, trying to gauge whether or not i should post it. a few said yes, a few said no. i decided that i might as well. after all, this jacket is ugly, but i will be wearing it as a plain ol' jacket come spring. but i can't just post a boring picture of me wearing a golden girls wind coat. i actually had to style it. this is where the blood, sweat and tears came in to play. you be the judges...what do you think? honestly...

the jacket:
 she's a beaut, eh?
and here's my styling. i tried about five different ways to wear it. this is what i liked best.

threw it on backwards, tanked and belted it and called it a day. tell me, would you wear it?


  1. That is a very 80sc oat, but I think that you managed to make it look contemporary.

  2. The outfit is cute, the dog made me gag

  3. I laughed at Kristin's comment. hah! Making this Golden Girls' style jacket (pastels and floral watercolor pattern) look cute was not easy. Bravo, M!