Wednesday, March 9, 2011

new loves and old friends

today is the beach edition. it has snowed once again here in minneapolis. i honestly don't mind...aside from not seeing chris, it doesn't bother me too much. i think it's because i know the end of winter is near. and the snow can't last that long! plus, i choose to live here, so i can't really complain, can i?

but that's not to say that i am not thinking dreaming about summer. warm weather, long days, bonfires, coffee on the patio, garage sales, running outside again, bare arms and legs. i cannot wait! so today is the beach edition of new loves and old friends because i am thinking about june, and am urging the sun to melt this frozen tundra that is minnesota!

i bought this skirt, shorts, skort? at a garage sale last summer. it is one of those things that i love because it's so ugly. and who doesn't love a skort? i believe the vintage term for it, actually, is a split-pant skirt. that sounds way better than skort. skort reminds me of a spork...those funny spoon/forks that they served with hot lunch in grade school. ingenious! but back to the split pants. love these. they are very carmen miranda. i just need a bowl of fruit on my head...

split pant!!

i especially love it because it has pockets
hurray! spring is almost here!

new loves:
tank ~ Delias
sandals ~ Delicious - $9.98 Store
earrings ~ Heartbreaker
belt ~ thrifted
bra that is accidentally showing ~ TJ Maxx

old friends:
split-pant skirt ~ vintage, garage sale
bracelets ~ vintage, estate sales


  1. I love the term split pant skirt (I only call those weird shorts, but with a panel of skirt in the front but it's still shorts in the back things skorts.) These are just full shorts! I love the colors and I'm soooo excited for spring too!

  2. I keep reminding myself about how nice it is here during the summer. It makes up for all of the snow.