Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new loves and old friends

i was a little unmotivated today and decided to do this: go into my closet, pick out three things i rarely wear, throw them together and make an outfit. needless to say, the outfit it pretty boring. not to say that all my outfits are always outstanding....just to say that normally i only photograph the ones that i love! artistic license, right? on the plus side, though, today is polka dot day at everybody, everywear! so this short i have never worn is nor performing double duty!

i bought this shirt at a vintage sale and have never worn it. when i bought it, i assumed i would wear it all the time, under a blazer, with a high-waisted pencil skirt...so many possibilities. to be honest, it doesn't really work out in real life the way i planned it out in my head. and these pants are great, but i just haven't been wearing black pants lately. i have been unintentionally wearing more skirts, dresses and leggings. then there are the shoes. i do love these shoes. they have a cute little bow detail on them that i adore. i can't say why i haven't been wearing these lately, other than the fact that i keep buying new shoes and i have so many that i forgot about these ones! sorry shoes!

so it's kind of like an outfit of misfit clothes today! it turned out ok, i think. nothing special, but nothing horrible, either. if nothing else, a little polka dot always adds a little spring in my step!

new loves:
pants ~ Macy's
shoes ~ Bakers
earrings ~ F21

old friends:
blouse ~ vintage, thrifted

do you have any lonely items in your closets that you want to wear but never do?

megan bird


  1. I have way too many lonely items in my closet. Sometimes I make impulse purchases that I rarely actually wear.

    I love that top, it's a great piece! You styled it perfectly here! You shoes are fantastic as well (I've been on a shoe kick recently. I don't have nearly the collection I should!) they make your legs look like they go on for days!

  2. I disagree, this outfit is not at all boring. It's classic, but the fabulous top (polka dots and a bow? Are you kidding??) keeps it from being boring. And you look wonderful in red.

    I have a lot of lonely items in my closet. I know I should probably get rid of them, but I feel bad getting rid of them before I've even given them a shot. Maybe I'll try to wear everything once and if it doesn't work out then I'll give it away.


  3. I love the red blouse - it's fabulous on you! I have soo many items in my closets I rarely wear but can't give up!

  4. I have so money lovely items - I put them on and I want to wear them but for whatever reason they feel 'bleh' so I change. I am going to do a huge clean out one of these days and get rid of all the lonelies... I need the space!

    I think you look gorgeous and I always love a black/white/red outfit.

    Sarah xxx