Thursday, March 3, 2011

new loves and old friends

i was cleaning my room last night...a task that gets harder and harder each time i go shopping. seriously, does anyone else have this problem? oooh, poor me, i have too many clothes! they don't all fit in my closet! ha, if only everyone's problems were that easy! anyways – i was cleaning my closet, and as it usually happens when i do this, i find "new" things that i have completely forgotten about. i bought this vintage skirt at this amazing sale at a synagogue in minneapolis. they have this sale every year; it starts at noon on a sunday, and let me tell you, there is a line around the block to get in. it's crazy, but i go every year. among other things that i had to have, i found this colorful skirt. i have never worn it as a skirt...i think it's too long for me. but as a dress, i'm in love with it! today i decided to pair it up with a new sweater that my sisters got me for my birthday. i don't know how flattering this sweater is, but i don't care. i love anything belted, and this belt especially makes me happy.

new loves:
sweater ~ F21
boots ~ ? i don't remember!
socks ~ Target
earrings ~ swap find

old friends:
skirt/dress ~ vintage, thrifted from an awesome sale

do you have anything in your closets that you've forgotten about???

megan bird


  1. I've got an overflow of clothing in my CLOSETS too.
    One at my apartment and one at my parents house.
    Plus cloths in bins!!

    I always get excited when a new season comes along.
    Because it means I get to take out the bins from storage and look through my finds.

    Which I will be doing VERY soon.


  2. You are so creative with your style! This outfit is so cute! I love the boots and knee socks.
    ps. That sale sounds amazing!

  3. I love this! It is very creative and chic!