Thursday, March 17, 2011

new loves and old friends: the vintage skirt edition

so, as i told you yesterday, i styled and photographed a bunch of outfits using my collection of vintage skirts. i will be posting an outfit every day or so until i run out of pictures! i hope you enjoy! this skirt is super cute. i just love the turquoise color. and i love the buttons. this skirt is one of those items that i pulled out of my closet and had to rack my brain to remember when and where i got it (but i did, eventually, remember!). it has also never been worn until now. so sad. i really need to stop buying clothes and just wear what i have. but that is just no fun...

old friends

skirt- vintage, thrifted
butterfly shirt- vintage, thrifted

new loves

shoes- nine west
belt- thrifted

xoxo, nora bird


  1. ohhhhh, i'm in love with the butterfly shirt! are those cut-outs?

  2. yes, kerri, they are. and yes, that is my red bra peeking through because i was entirely too lazy to put on a camisole. oops!

  3. love love love that skirt <3 new follower