Thursday, March 17, 2011

new loves and old friends: apples to apples

or is it cherries to cherries? what do you all think? apples or cherries on this jacket? whatever they are, i love this jacket. i bought it at a thrift shop and haven't had a chance to wear it yet. and by haven't had a chance, i only mean that i have so many clothes, i forgot about it. i have all of my blazers and coats in my daughter's closet due to lack of room in my own (what will i do when she's 16 and actually needs her closet???), and so it's easy to forget about something when you don't see it every day. luckily, the sun was shining and i had my mind on spring, so i happily remembered this number resting in the closet, just awaiting my return!

i think it's apples. i was getting confused by the weird "pit" looking dots on each one, but you don't take bites out of cherries, and there are clearly bites in some of them. apples it is...unless you have a better argument!

new loves:
leggings ~ H&M, thrifted
shoes ~ Kohls
earrings ~ F21
shirt ~ hand me down from nora bird (thanks!)

old friends:
necklace ~ vintage, estate sale
jacket ~ vintage *handmade* (i believe), thrifted

love from the "mini-apple" (don't get mad new yorkers, this is what we call minneapolis)

megan bird


  1. They do look like apples to me! It's so cute and fun, looks great on you... The whole outfit is lovely! :)

  2. Apples or cherries, it's absolutely adorable - what a great thrift find!

  3. I have a Blue Kimchi Short Sleeved Jacket that looks like that.
    I think there apples.

    None the less it's cute!!

    Happy St. Patricks Day!!


  4. So springy and cute! I love the jacket layered over the long tunic!

  5. You look so cute! This jacket is perfect for spring. What a fun find!

  6. I like your jacket! They look like apples to me. Isn't it great finding things in your closet that you've forgotten about!?!?!

  7. what a cute print! it reminds me of a marc jacobs print from several years ago.

  8. Apples, for sure! Super cute:)