Friday, March 18, 2011

just what i need, more stuff in my house

i can't control myself when it comes to cute thrifty houseware finds. i see something i love and i have to have it. i don't want to end up being one of those people on hoarders...really. the good news is that i am constantly changing my house around. changing what pictures are hanging on the walls, changing what tchotchkes are on my it's not like i'm just piling things one on top of another. still, i need to tread carefully...
a few nights ago, i had a major migraine. the kind where light makes your body ache and a single noise makes you almost throw up. not fun. chris was working and it was just me and the kids. we ate dinner and i couldn't wait any longer, i had to go to bed. so i politely asked them if they'd come into the room with me and watch toonies until papa got home. bad parenting, i know...but it needed to be done. anyhow, the kids were so sweet. they both brought me their favorite stuffed animals to sleep with and they showered me with hugs and kisses to make me feel better. i was in awe of my children, they are so sweet. so last night i decided that while chris was out being irish for the night, i would take the kiddies to the nearest thrift store to let them pick out a gift for themselves for being so kind. and while henry picked out the coolest skull and crossbones shoes, and eva got a "new" gap floral dress, i also got a few goodies for myself. like i said, i can't help myself.

i got this great set of three duck baskets. i used two to store my lotions and peppermint oil in (peppermint oil is great for migraines, btw)
the third duck has a plastic lining. he will be filled with a plant soon, and looks so cute next to his new deer besties
i had a chance to buy two of these vintage mixing bowls, but i controlled myself just a little and only bought one
we have a pepper mill, so we don't need a pepper shaker. so when i found this solo salt shaker for $.39, i couldn't resist
of course we need a new magnet to hang the kiddies sticker charts on the fridge
i have this lovely lady hanging on my wall already
i thought this was so cute. i will put in in my purse and use it for notes, phone numbers, blog ideas that come to me in the middle of the day. i may even keep my business cards in it. it's filled with note cards. again, $.39...couldn't pass it up
if you can't see the writing, here is what it says:
"the cards enfolded in this case
are to carry in your purse
then as you coffee here and there
and find a dainty pie or cake
if your hostess wants to share
take a recipe home to make."
i also bought a beautiful pink afghan that i didn't get a picture of as it was already in the wash. i can't wait to curl up on the couch with it to read a good book!

pretty good stuff, huh? and i am putting it all to good use, so don't judge, please. to make myself feel better, i came home and cleaned out (half of) my closet. i got rid of quite a few clothes! it's all about give and take, right???

how about you? have you found any fabulous thrifted goods lately?

happy weekend!

megan bird


  1. I haven't done thrifting in quite a while, and I need to take some time to do it. Those decorations are so cute.

  2. i have really been itching to go thrift store shopping again, its been too long ... there are always treasures to be found! :-)

  3. Those duck baskets are too cute! xoxo

  4. STUFF!! That's the worst part of thrifting!!!