Monday, March 14, 2011

inspiration monday

happy monday, all! don't you just love this "extra hour" in the day? last night, the kids didn't quite understand why it was still light out when we were putting them to bed. but i'm telling you, being able to see the sun both when i come to work, and when i leave work...that is amazing to me. i have missed it so much! don't get me wrong, i still wear my huge boots to work, but when i get there, i am in no socks and heels. summer here we come!
today's inspiration is cute little taylor swift. she has such great fashion sense (or a great stylist). either way, i think she always looks cute and put together. and she does it in an age-appropriate way. i am liking that these new young stars have class. go young-ens!
anyhow, she looks pretty cute in these boyfriend jeans and glittery top. oh how i wish i owned this glittery top! maybe i'll just dip mine in glue and glitter...will that work?

i wouldn't mind that hair, either.

and here is my take. this is a perfect casual look...good for a night at the local pub!
jeggings ~ H&M
top ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Urban Original
ring/earrings ~ F21

who inspires you on this hour-longer day??
happy monday, all!
megan bird


  1. Those shoes are really cute. I'm excited to have some daylight after work.

  2. awesome platforms.
    yeah, it feels so good to see the sun before and after sitting in the office for hours.