Monday, March 7, 2011

inspiration monday

i am cheating a little today. like nora said, chris and i had a rockin' joint birthday party on saturday. it was so much fun. we seriously have the best friends. mix them with a keg of newcastle, a case of wine and a ton of appetizers (oh and the new 4x8 movie screen chris just installed in the basement, along with sing star and rock band), and that makes one fabulous party.

anyways, it was a great party, and i planned a super cute outfit to wear. and while we took a ton of pictures that night, most of them turned out like this:

so i am using today's inspiration monday posting to show off my birthday outfit. here is the inspiration:
ashley greene rocking the high-waisted shorts. am i too old to date joe jonas? wait...i think i am even too old to know who joe jonas is...and of course i'm kidding (he's not my type)!

and here is my outfit...just like saturday, but without the rosy cheeks and droopy eyes:

by the way, these were all pressies from my wonderful sisters and parents!

shirt, shorts, shoes ~ F21
necklace ~ thrifted
earrings ~ ??
ring ~ fun sisters

happy monday!

megan bird


  1. Awesome presents! I love your outfit, you look fantastic,even better than Ashley Greene if I do say so myself.

  2. Hey! Really cute! I'm not sure where I stand on the shorts for evening issue, and frankly I'm not sure I have the legs for it, but you certainly do so work it! I love the necklace you paired with it, too. Just lovely.

    Lindsay Living

  3. Happy belated birthday my little fishy friend - you share the same birthday as my Piscean man:)). As for your outfit ... I hate to compare people but you look hands-down way better than Ashley - I adore your necklace soooooo much and the shorts ... I'm dying here!!!! xoxo

  4. What a fun party look! I love the big necklaces!