Monday, March 28, 2011

inspiration monday: bloomers!

surprise, surprise, i went thrift shopping this weekend. i found what only can be described as the most fabulous green bloomers in the world. i saw them on the rack, grabbed them, and didn't think twice. they are so cute and i plan on making them a summer staple. and the cherry on the ice cream was that they were half off....half off $1.99. yep, these bad boys were $1. i love them even more.

my inspirations seem to come from a handful of people. i love blake lively. i think she's classy and beautiful and her styling is nearly flawless. so i'm not surprised that i have found inspiration in her more than once. she's a close second behind alexa chung! i found this picture of blake and loved the outfit. up until last year, i have never thought i could/should wear shorts. i have fairly short legs, and they were never flattering on me. but i finally figured out that if i throw on a pair of 5" heels,  then maybe – just maybe – i can wear shorts! so here's my ol' college try.

the inspiration
and here's my take

bloomers ~ vintage, thrifted
blouse ~ Express, thrifted
shoes ~ Urban Original
belt ~ garage sale
tree necklace ~ Shop in the City
crystal necklace ~ gift from my lovely friend Rose
earrings/ring ~ F21

would you ever wear bloomers as outerwear?

happy monday!!
megan bird


  1. Love Blake Lively! And your waist looks teeny tiny in this outfit. I couldn't pull it off, but you look great!

  2. $1!!! I love finds like that!!! =) they look great on you, I would rock them too <3

  3. Oh you sassy minx! You look fab in those!

  4. Those bloomers are really cute. Great find!

  5. adorable. i would totally wear those! and your waist does look teeny tiny! i think you look even better than blake.

  6. OMG ADORABLE! I don't know if this is a look I could pull off, but I'd sure try!

  7. They look so good on you! I doubt I could carry those of. xoxo

  8. I love it! I could never pull off a look like this, but you look great!

  9. thanks, everyone! what a way to start my monday...such nice comments!

  10. You look so pretty, I actually like your outfit better!=)

  11. You look amazing! Don't know if I could pull it off like you do! I looove that tree necklace, too.

  12. Great post, I really like Blake Lively's style. One of my favorites. Those shorts look so cute on you! You have a tiny waist, great pic. :)


  13. Love the bloomers girl...and that necklace is just fab. xo

  14. In love with those shorts on you. You're rocking them PERFECTLY!! LOOOOVE!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  15. Oh. Wow. You look simply AMAZING. You are really rockin' those bloomers.

  16. Oh em gee! You look fantabulous in them bloomers! I would totally rock them if I had your legs!

    hearts, laura ♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  17. Those are awesome! No one, but no one else could rock those, not even Blake!