Tuesday, March 1, 2011

fab in february: week four

oh no...i forgot to do this yesterday *again*. seriously. and i wanted to say that i have a good memory. really, i do. i stayed home sick from work yesterday...is that a good enough excuse? regardless of my forgetfulness, i am still fabulous, so here goes...(ps for more bloggers' answers, check out hope and melissa's blogs. this was all their idea!) 

1. i know how to pick 'em.
for reals. i have the best man in my life. and my friends aren't so shabby, either. granted, some of my best friends are my sisters...and i didn't actually choose them...but i did choose them to be my friends, as well as my sisters; so i will take some of the credit. but really, as far as friends and chris and my family goes – i done good.
 2. i am very comfortable with myself.
this hasn't always been the case. and don't get me wrong...i have my days that are plagued with self doubt. but for the most part, i am very happy with myself and my life and what i've done to make myself the person i am today. all those great friends can't be wrong...i must have done something right!

3. i'm a good friend.
like i said, i have the best friends in the world. and i would like to think that i pay all of my friends back with equally great friendship. i don't always have the most contact with all of my friends, but i do feel that each and every friend in my life...if i were to see them after a week, a month or a year, we would be able to continue our friendship as if we had just seen each other yesterday. i try very hard to give my friends the best possible version of myself that i can..and they are so awesome, that even if i can't that day, they are ok with it!
case in point...i am still friends with these ladies a whopping 23 years later! (did i say 23? wow!)

how are you fabulous? i know you are!

megan bird

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  1. I'm so happy you participated in Fab in Feb! It's been nice getting to know all these great things about you :)