Thursday, March 3, 2011

currently craving: tassel jewelry

when i spotted natalie portman sporting these stunners at the oscars i just knew that i had to get some tassel jewelry to call my own. i, sadly, cannot afford the tiffany price tag! so i thought i would do a little search and try to find some great, reasonably priced tassel pieces, courtesy of Etsy. it was a successful search! here are some of my favorites...

tassel necklace (i love this!!!)

bib necklace (gimme gimme gimme!)

rope tassel ($9.00??? this will be mine!)

what do you think of the tassel trend??? 
(after writing tassel so many times it is starting to sound funny. does that ever happen to you???)

xoxo, nora bird


  1. i will make you that necklace. super easy! or the earrings, too! let's make tassel jewelry together! (yes it does sound funny)

  2. that first tassel necklace stole my heart!

  3. I love these! I have a tassel necklace that someone sent me in a vintage jewelery swap and I love it. Earrings would be so cute and festive!

  4. These are super cool. I wouldn't mind the simple earings.

  5. I love these tassel necklaces and earrings! There are so many good tassel tutorials out there, you should check some out!

  6. Tassel, tassel, tassel, tassel, tassel ... yes, it's a bit weird to type over and over but what can you do when there are just soooooooo many gorgeous choices out there!! I love the earrings with the leaves and black ones with the jet bead - I actually think the ones you chose are better than NP's!!! xo

  7. i want something with tassels too (not sure which bird said they want to make!)!!! dying for that ring! so cute!