Thursday, February 17, 2011

yes, i shop at my own sale

as we have mentioned, our sale last weekend was a hit. we had so much fun, and we hope that all those that came had fun, too. one of my favorite parts about these sales is browsing through all of the great stuff. since half of it wasn't two birds' merchandise, nora and i got to browse all of amanda's wonderful finds. at the end of the weekend (ok, maybe it was before that), we each (ok, just me and amanda...nora was kind enough to let me do all the shopping) found a few things that we loved and had to have. then, it was just a matter of a swap. so, i got all of this great stuff, and i didn't even have to open my pocketbook!
 how cute is this nautical purse? it looks like a pair of high-waisted jeans, but in purse form. i had to have it!
 i am a sucker for bedding. and this quilt is the cat's pajamas=)
the flip side of the quilt...i don't know which side to display!
i love this. it's really a jammie coat...but who wears jammie coats? i actually wore it on day two of the sale with some boyfriend jeans and a long and lean tank from Target. love it!

and the piece de resistance:
 eva diva in her new vintage dress (her very own version of new loves and old friends)

oh, and i also got the pink sweater featured in this post. love it (said like oprah)!

check out a few of the things amanda got from us, too!
megan bird


  1. So the dress DID fit Eva afterall. good thing you checked it out first.

  2. Love that purse! And I love the one from you! I can't wait to use it! It will be my new spring bag! So glad we swapped, girl! And so happy that the dress fit Eva...I can't wait to garage sale. Are you ready, too?

  3. Your daughter's new dress is adorable.