Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what a day!

i have the best family and friends in the world. i opened up my inbox this morning to 42 messages wishing me a great day. i had numerous phone calls from family members singing (in perfect pitch) happy birthday to me. i feel so loved today. on the home front, this is what i encountered this morning. keep in mind chris has worked about 36 hours over the past two days. so it is all the more special that he did all of this for me!
i woke up to the smell of coffee brewing. when i rolled over in bed, i saw this:
it is a beautiful card, in which chris wrote, "the best memories in the world are those of you." who knew he was such a romantic??
henry then yelled, "mama, don't come downstairs yet. it's a surprise." when i finally was able to venture down, i found this waiting for me:
i then got to show the kids the little presents i got for them. did i mention i love presents, even if they're not for me? i figured my family members deserve a little something.

and last, but not least, i found this packed in my bag to bring to work:
it appears to be some sore of tiramisu with a delicious frosting on top. can't wait!
and plenty of hugs from the kids makes this day so special!
if i got all of this before 7:30 in the morning, i can't even imagine what will be waiting for me when i get home. lucky me!

megan bird


  1. yum! that dessert looks delicious! WANT! i am glad your day has been so great already. yea!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you are on your way to have an awesome day!

  3. You are so cute! Your birthday is presents-for-everyone day. The best kind of day! I'm glad your birthday is off to such a loving and wonderful start! I hope all of your wishes come true, darling dearest. Love to you!

  4. What a sweet way to spend the morning! I hope the rest of it is just as good! Happy birthday!!

  5. What a sweet day!
    Happy Birthday!

  6. How sweet is your family?!?
    Happy Birthday!!