Thursday, February 3, 2011

under the weather (and a glimpse into my bedroom)

i'm home sick today. i have had this annoying cough (ask anyone i work with) that won't go away. after taking a cough suppressant and nyquil last night, and still not sleeping through the night (not to mention waking the whole family up), i decided a day at home and a doctor's visit were in store.

so this is where i will be spending the better part of my day...
ahhhh, cozy. sleep tight!
megan bird


  1. Adorable colors, I love it! I really hope you feel better!

  2. What a cute room! I love blue. The picture collage you have above the headboard looks great too!

  3. So cute, love vintage... especially the collage above your bed. I'm glad you stopped by my blog, loving yours! About to follow =)

    Have a great day!