Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tuesday remix

happy tuesday, everyone! i hope you are all having a great week so far...i know i am! nice and relaxing...plus, there is a big thaw going on in minnesota right now. the weather is so nice and warm (well, warm for february) and sunny (for now, at least!)....springtime is just around the corner!!! i can hardly wait! but enough about the weather. let's talk about the remix! this week's item is a vintage denim vest that i thrifted years ago. it came with a matching jacket that i cannot find anywhere and that makes me so very sad. but i love the vest and i wanted to remix it to show how versatile it is. you may not have thought so, but you can seriously wear a denim vest with just about anything!

the item:

outfit one: ode to springtime

floral dress- old navy
belt- thrifted
booties- F21
bracelet- H&M

outfit two: i got the blues

shirt- F21
skirt- target, girl's section
boots- vintage, thrifted
necklace- vintage, gift

outfit three: add a bit of sparkle

jeans- the gap
sequin/beaded top- vintage, thrifted 
(i bought this top because of the amazing matching jacket that came with it...i am sensing a theme going on with my wardrobe...i never thought i would actually wear the top, but it is actually pretty cute!)
boots- alloy
earrings- UO

have a great day!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Who woulda thunk! Super versatile!

  2. Love the remix!! I should try this on some of my seemingly impossible to style pieces!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  3. Super cute. When I think of denim vest, I think of Canadian Tuxedo, and after this post I don't!

  4. I like this remix. Who would think that a denim vest could be so versatile?

  5. So cute! I like the ways you styled the vest - very inspiring!

  6. I adore ALL of these-- seriously cannot choose a favorite. What a fantastic remix! & this is absolutely unrelated, but how did I not realize that you were fellow minneapolines? I just love finding other twin cities bloggers!