Thursday, February 24, 2011

style me

look out! there's another style me post comin' atcha! this item is actually from the two birds closet and i happen to love it! but it is, admittedly, quite ugly. why did we buy it? because i am a sucker for hideous clothes. why didn't it sell? beats me (ha)! it is a vintage vest type piece. it reminds me of something a clown would wear if he had also been a hippy. or maybe something the brady bunch band would have worn during one of their awesome performances. it's a sunshine day! anyway, here is it...

crazy pattern close-up!

and here is my attempt to make is cute and wearable. did i succeed??? you be the judge! i have no idea...but i promise you this---i will be wearing this out someday soon! and not on the night that i go out with my hippie clown friends. just on a regular old night. like i said, i love it!

vest- two birds
jeans- 15 dollar store
shoes- bamboo, alloy
belt- vintage, thrifted

xoxo, nora bird


  1. That's quite a pattern! It looks cute with the basic black pants.

  2. I actually like the pattern.
    Is that wrong of me??

    I think you did a great job at styling it!!
    It looks perfect with the plain jeans and belted.


  3. how fun! i love this. you are so cute! xo

  4. This is such a fun feature, and I actually really love this top as well! Way to rock it :)

  5. nora! those shoes are to die!!!!!

  6. I freaking love the whole outfit...especially that beautifully hideous vest!