Wednesday, February 23, 2011

style me

nora and i did a ton of shopping for two birds this weekend. it was amazing. i can't wait to show you all of our finds! another thing we shopped for was super ugly items of clothing. we literally were running around thrift stores, trying to find the ugliest pieces we could find. we are so excited about this ugly styling post. it's turning out to be quite a challenge, though. i mean, can you really make anything cute??? well, we'll let you be the judge.
i found this number somewhere among the uniform rack. or maybe it was the super ugly shirt rack. i'm not sure. either way, i can't believe i even spent $1.50 on it. but hey, maybe it can be cute. what do you think?

here's the shirt:
you can't even grasp how ugly it is from this picture. it's wider than it is long, and my thighs would fit in the sleeves. the hideous stars and swirls remind me of a scrapbooking event gone wrong!

and here's my styling:


what do you think? would you wear it?
on another note...i cannot wait for spring! my legs haven't seen the sun for about a year now!

megan bird


  1. I would wear it, I can see the too short issue but with layers you can't even tell, I like it lots!!

  2. Well done on finding an ugly 80s cropped top. I might wear it, but most likely how you did kind of obstructed under the jacket. For your next venture you should try to find one of the t shirts from the 80s that had valley girl sayings on it, like "gag me with a spoon" "totally for sure!". If I still had mine I'd send it over to you for some styling!

  3. I love how you styled it... its perfect! I would wear this top pretty much exactly how you did. But if I wanted to be daring on a weekend while running errands I would layer it over a long tank and leggings. Go with the total 80's vibe of it all. But again this is only if I am daring enough.

  4. Haha loved this "maybe it's from the ugly shirt rack" . Well I personally think it's lovely! That coral/red color is so pretty. I loved how you styled it! I would use it without the blazer because it hides the pattern. But that's just me lol it so versatile, for another outfit you could even use browns and camel colors and give at a "70s ish look". Or not... Hahahaha
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog dear! I love that you commented cus now I get to come back here and follow you! Hehe


  5. Wow, good job! I want to try ugly styling! ha!

  6. Looks awesome! I have ditched so many shirts that are wider than long - what is up with that? Do they cut the fabric wrong or something??

  7. Great job with the restyle. So nasty, but with the belt and the black it adds just the right pizzazz. I'd totally wear it.

  8. When I saw the photo of it by itself I though, no. No way to make that cute. But then...magic! I want to wear your outfit! Good work!