Thursday, February 17, 2011

style me

when megan told me her idea for the "style me" blog post (where we take our ugliest items of clothing and try to style an outfit around them to make them cute) i knew just the item i would start with. i am a huge sucker for buying ugly items of clothing just for this purpose! i bought these pants at a thrift store not too long ago. they are super fugly, but i kind of loved them and had to have them (plus, i was shopping with my mom on senior day when she gets 40% off...and i think the original price was somewhere around $2.99). there are so many things about these pants that are just wrong. the elastic waist? very comfy, but not necessarily stylish. the color? i am not really a khaki kind of gal, but i thought, what the heck? i'll give it a try. the pleating?  really bad in all the wrong places. yet i still bought these pants. that's right! i also bought a similar, even uglier pair that same day (think these pants but in a darker, mahogany brown color, with a drawstring waist and a kind of velvety-cotton material. HOT!). i wasn't quite up to the challenge of styling those quite yet...

anyway, the pants:


and here is how i styled them. what do you think? still ugly??? would you wear this outfit? would you have even bought the pants in the first place? to be honest, i think the outfit is kind of cute...and i think i might wear these pants a lot come spring...

also, i made this necklace today out of a super long string of pearls and a vintage necktie...i am kind of proud of it because i am not usually very "crafty". that is megan's forte, not mine!

tank top- H&M
belt- thrifted
shoes- madden girl
necklace- all thrifted

xoxo, nora bird


  1. love it! you could make a potato sack look good! making that necklace, too. i think i have the same vintage bowtie, even.

  2. Yay, way to go, the pants look freakin adorable! AND so does that necklace, love making spontaneous necklaces. Great outfit! xx veronika

  3. How did you make those pants look cute!? Nice work on the necklace, too! Crafty! :)

  4. Love it! I might have to get me some ugly pants now too :) The pearls make it come together, I think

  5. I love this post and those pants! Super cute outfit, your styling is simple yet superb!

  6. I never would have thought to buy the pants but they do look super cute on you! That's a great idea with the necklace too!

  7. cute outfit. The necklace is neat. And I love the idea of styling something ugly :) fun!

  8. Really adorable outfit. Although those pants are a know...I think you made them super adorable with this outfit. I especially love the necklace you put together! A bowtie! How fun!

    lindsay living

  9. Absoloutely love the syling on this - the pearls are genius - look fab!


  10. I think this might just be my favourite post I've seen on your blog!

    Alone the pants are fugly beyong believe, but that whole outfit looks AMAZING. simply AMAZING and unique, i love it! the outfit is cute!

    ~Em K

    (I'm letting you know bc you follow my old blog ~ Love of Lace ~ i've deleted it and started a new one this is the only time I will spam you about my blog!

  11. Its a great outfit - just goes to show what you can do with a bit of clever styling!

  12. I love these pants, so cute. def rocking it!!

  13. That is a terrific outfit! You should do more of these posts. I bought a dress thrifting with my mom that she thought was horrible. I styled it and wore it for my bday and she had to do a double take when she realized it was the "fugly" dress:)