Wednesday, February 16, 2011

style me

so this is our fun new post idea. nora and i both love styling. we love looking at clothes and looking at people and knowing what will look good on them (maybe i should use this for my fab in february post next week!) we also love styling seemingly ugly clothes. it's a challenge for us to find something that is not traditionally "stylish" and making it cute. did you see nora's denim vest post yesterday??? so this is what we are going to do. we're going to rummage through our closets, our friends closets, thrift stores and estate sales. we are going to find the ugliest pieces we can find, and style them. sounds fun, right? and if you have anything you want to donate, we are certainly up for a challenge!

to start it off, i found this number in chris' closet. now mind you, it looks great on him. but he's a man. short-sleeved men's dress shirts were not meant to be worn on women. plus, these colors and design are not at all appealing to me.
this shirt has big boxy sleeves, goes almost to my knees and is ugly!

it was pretty hard for me. i hardly ever wear orange, rarely wear cream, and never wear the neon green that is in this shirt! but today, i do...

i decided if i'm going to do these colors, i'm going to mis-match it all. so i've got a pink skirt, burgundy shoes, gray leopard tights and a teal tank.why not just go all out? somehow, i think it works!

 ps. i had to tuck the shirt into my tights to make sure it didn't hang out under my skirt!

what do you think? do you have anything so ugly that it's cute?

megan bird


  1. Lovely outfit and those tights are gorg. So much fun mixing colours together, and you did it very well here. xx veronika

  2. I love the tights too, of course! I always shop the sales and thrift stores for the weirdest patterns because most of the time they take an outfit to the next level =)

    I also have the same necklace!! I love it is to adorable and this outfit totally works!

  3. Awesome! That is going to be such a fun project to see! I love how this outfit turned out!