Saturday, February 19, 2011

street style- new york fashion week edition

i love street style photos. i get so much fashion inspiration from them! i would love to raid the closets of each of these women, photographed on the streets of new york during fashion week (what better place to look for amazing street style???). this is some serious eye candy! i wonder what i would have worn had i been invited to attend any of the amazing fashion shows last week? i can only dream...

chic, pretty, polished. and those colors!

how to rock a fushia pantsuit.


simple, polished, lovely.

i want those pants!

this all-black ensemble looks so comfortable, yet so fashionable!

may i please have your green handbag? thank you!

i love the length and the print on this skirt.

the epitome of cool.
(look at the dude checking her out in the background!)

i'll take the pants, the boots, the shades, and the bag. thanks!

a long, accordion-pleat skirt is on my wishlist. love the booties too...and the coat...

i am loving the pale pink paired with black.

i would wear this every single day. i love every single piece.

cream pants are not easy to pull off. she is making it look effortless. 

give me a break with those neon sea-green heels! and then give them to me!

this is another outfit i would wear every day. it looks so easy, yet so cool!

xoxo, nora bird

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  1. gorgie. all of it. wish we were there.

  2. It's interesting you posted these. I think the girl with the red pants picture was posted friday or thursday and it actually reminded me of you styling those kakhi elastic waist pants. It's a very similar idea!

  3. Love it! Wish to be there!!!

  4. So many ways to look amazing.