Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the rest of my day

i woke up this morning and chris was gone. but he left a text on my phone that said, "happy day after your birthday. i love you!" i guess it's birthday week for me!
i had such a lovely day yesterday and i truly feel blessed to have all the wonderful friends that i have. i told you about my morning already, but i have to tell you about the rest of my day. it was such a special day!
i got to work and there were these delicious caramel rolls waiting by my desk. they were so good, that even though i already had a huge cinnamon roll for breakfast, i ate one. yum. then some lovely ladies took me to lunch and have me the cutest card of all. i am going to frame it for eva.
cute, right? pretty lady and a butterfly dress? what four-year old (or 30-something) girl wouldn't love it?
then my sweet friend sarah bought me a coffee...a little pick me up to keep me up for the rest of the night.
i got home to this from the kids:

and this from chris (it's recycled from an old steel drum):
and this from my wonderful mother-in-law:
put a bird on it!
then chris took me to the longfellow grill, where amanda and cayla met us for drinks and dessert carrying these:
and a goody bag which included this gem that i had been eyeing at the "it's a date!" sale:
i had a delicious dinner and some delicious deschutes black butte (if you haven't tried this beer, run to the liquor store and buy some. it's like a cross between guinness and newcastle. love!)

oh, and did i mention that our new camera came in the mail? so excited!!! i was able to take a picture of some of the new urban outfitters gems (that i purchased as a birthday present to myself) that also came in the mail. i love mail!
all in all, it was a wonderful day. i am so glad i got to spend it with friends and family...and i'm also very excited that chris has decided to celebrate birthday week. let the celebration continue!
megan bird

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  1. I'm all for birthday week!! Cause one day is not enough! Hope you have a great time with all your celebrations.