Friday, February 25, 2011

new loves and old friends

happy friday, all! i am so happy it's the weekend! hopefully we can get some more two birds shopping in, but it kind of looks like i might be cleaning all weekend. oh well...i will make it fun! champagne and vacuuming, anyone?
last week when nora and i went thrifting, i found this cute little skirt. i love it for so many's floral, it's swirly, it has a perfect elastic waist, it has pockets! so many reasons that i love it. today i decided to wear it as a dress. i am in full-on spring fever mode. i want a warm day and some sunshine and melted snow. it's coming, i know...but in the meantime, i plan on dressing like it's spring. will i fool mother nature? time will tell.

in case you're wondering what it looks like without the sweater, here it is. i think i need the sweater to show a little curve in my body. without it, i look a little shapeless. but you better believe that when warm weather finally hits, i will be wearing this with a cute vintage belt!

new loves:
sweater ~ thrifted
longest necklace ~ jewelry party (can't remember which company)
earrings ~ craft fair

old friends:
skirt/dress ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ vintage, thrifted
gold medallion necklace ~ vintage, garage sale
shorter gold/pearl necklace ~ vintage, estate sale

have a wonderful weekend!!
megan bird


  1. Yes! Dressing like it's spring? I second that! Love your outfit ...great print and those shoes? Adorable. xx veronika

  2. I think that if we dress for warm weather, spring will have to shoe up.

  3. I know, I am soooo ready for spring clothes! I love the skirt as a dress!

  4. I'm super ready for spring!!
    I can't wait for warmer weather!!
    And skirts as dresses is always an awesome idea!!