Thursday, February 17, 2011

new loves and old friends

i was in a mood yesterday, one of  those moods where you need to shop. luckily for me, when i need to shop, usually a trip to Target makes me feel better. more often than not, i will also make a quick detour to a thrift store on my way home from Target. this is exactly what i did last night. i did the compulsory grocery run at Target (where i also got myself a few necessary clearance tanks for $4 each), and then i b-lined it to ARC. when i get this need for shopping, i don't even have to get myself anything. i just like to shop, so if i find wonderful finds for other people, i am just as happy. as it happened last night, i got some presents and i got some goodies for myself. more on that later...

anyways, this dress is one of the items i picked up last night. i figured that it is super versatile. i can wear it with a cardi, or a shirt underneath it with tights for the winter. i can wear it alone with some snazzy sandals and fancy jewels to dress it up. or, i can wear it with flip-flops and a messy pony for some summertime garage saling. really, it can go either way! today i decided to dress it up with some vintage. i also noticed that i am very patriotic.

a few days ago, i was thinking to myself that i really wanted/needed to get some blue tights. low and behold, when i opened my sock drawer this morning, there was a pair of blue tights. i guess i have so many tights that i don't even remember what i already have. good thing i didn't buy any!
chris told me i look like a cowgirl, but i don't agree. even if i did...i think it's pretty cool to look like a cowgirl!

new loves:
dress ~ thrifted
tights ~ Target
earrings ~ Kohls

old friends:
shirt ~ vintage, thrifted
boots ~ vintage, ebay
necklace ~ vintage, garage sale

happy day, all!
megan bird


  1. I am going to Colorado in March and was looking to go to an ARC. Do they have lots of good stuff? Worth the trip? We don't have any in NJ I am pretty sure...

  2. i love ARC. i do recommend it. i don't know about the colorado ones, but i sure do love the one by my house!