Monday, February 7, 2011

new loves and old friends

one of my favorite things to look for when out thrifting are seemingly ugly blouses from the 80s. you know the the ones your mom probably wore along with her tinted glasses with the amazingly large frames and her sweet afro-esque perm. or was just my mom??? (hi mom! i know you're reading!). i seriously wish my mother would have saved all of her clothes from the 60s, 70s and 80s and given it all to me. i would have the freshest wardrobe of all time! but then, i suppose, i would miss out on all of the fun that thrift store shopping has to offer...anyway, so i buy these blouses simply for the see if i can style them to look cute. many many times i cannot. i have plenty in my closet that just don't work or i haven't found the right way to wear them (yet!). but some of them are really great! they are really versatile and great for layering. this is one of my personal favorites. i wear it a lot...

old friends

blouse- anne klein petites, vintage, thrifted
slip (tucked into pants)- vintage, thrifted

new loves

jeans- the gap
booties- F21
necklace- express

i realized as i was finishing up taking my photos that i hadn't done what megan calls my signature pose (that's right. i totally have a pose!) i quickly took one just for her. it turned out a bit blurry though...

and just so you know, she has totally stolen this pose from me! i have evidence!

i hope you're all having a great monday!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. that's right! now we can call it the bird a flamingo! it shows off the shoes and the outfit...can't go wrong!

  2. hah! She did steal it! That made me laugh! xoxo

  3. *love* the pattern on the top - funky but still simple. those wedge booties are lovely too