Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my weekend finds

i snuck off over my lazy weekend to do just a little thrifting. i went to ARC in richfield, and to my sister's closet  in st. paul. normally, my sister's closet isn't a place i'd go for "thrifting", but they are currently having a 75% off sale. so, look at all the goodies i got for $13! the two tops are something that i normally wouldn't buy, but i decided to challenge myself with a styling mission...i'll keep you updated on how that goes!

i love this vintage shirt...the ruffle detailing is what sold me.

and of course, i love me some sparkly buttons.

i sure don't need another clutch, but it was 75% off!!

and of course a necklace. again...75% off!

and here is my ARC find...$2.99! they are a half size too small, but for $2.99, i think i can make them work!

did you find any good deals this weekend???

megan bird


  1. I've never been to My Sister's Closet, but I should go there for the sale since it's in my 'hood.

  2. WOW!!! those are good finds! I am not a great thrifter - i would LOVE some pointers!!! I always end up paying too much or passing up something that could be fabulous and regretting it later!

  3. M, I *almost* bought that shirt with the ruffles! I thought it was super cute, but I had to limit my purchases or else I was going to buy their whole vintage section. My Sisters' Closet, right? Good job, girl! Maybe I can borrow it?