Thursday, February 10, 2011

may i suggest?

i always told chris that i didn't want him to propose on a big holiday. i want the proposal to be it's own holiday. no pressure, chris, right? but that doesn't mean i have a problem with other people getting engaged on a special day. with valentines day just around the corner, may i suggest a few beauties to pop the question with?

i actually showed this one to chris and told him that i really, really, really wanted it. he thought i was kidding, and now it's sold. sad face.

i love sapphires

j'adore dior 

can you tell i like art deco antique rings?

did i mention i love sapphires?

and lastly...i don't particularly love this ring, but it's what i imagined i would have as a child. a fairy princess ring...

here's wishing love and happiness to you all on this special day and every day after!

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  1. love the fourth one, its stunning. I haven't had the 'where' engagement chat but I've dropped enough hints about the ring :)

  2. I really like the 5th one. I share your love of art deco rings.

  3. I don't know that I ever want to get married, but I LOVE art deco engagement rings AND the ultra modern etsy-ish ones that are all hand-forged and imperfect and uncut stones. It's odd. Could the two styles be any more different?!?!