Thursday, February 24, 2011

i'm not tired, i just look like i am

ok, i am tired. i am always a little tired. but that comes with the territory of having two kids, a full-time job, a small business and a messy house. wait, is the messy house a factor in making me tired, of just a fact of life??? anyways, i am a bit tired, but i am used to it. i have no complaints! what i don't like is that i always look tired. i have these bags under my eyes that won't go away. i know, i know, i am getting older. there is nothing you can do to reverse the aging process. while i know this, i am not quite there with accepting it. after all, even though i am 37, in my head, i think i am still 25. so it's sometimes hard to reconcile the me that i feel and the me that i see in the mirror every day. part of the eye bag problem is heredity. i have always had them, even when i was 25. in fact, my poor little darling kids already have what appear to be bags under their eyes. and they are just kids! sorry kids for that genetic passdown! so, genetics, age, all makes us look a little tired. but what can i do about it? this isn't hypothetical...really, i am asking you, what can i do about it?
does anyone have any miracle remedy for puffy eyes and dark circles? i am not trying to get rid of them...just hide them (unless you know a miracle that helps you get rid of them)! i have never been a make-up person, so i really need your advice. calling all!

coffee anyone?

thanks in advance!
sleepy megan bird


  1. I use eye cream at night, but that's about it. That, and lots of coffee.

  2. I would recommend Bobbi Brown's Corrector. A lot of people also like BeneFit's Erase Paste. You should check out Makeup Alley for more reviews

  3. Ok, so my comment earlier about getting more sleep is probably out of the question given that you have a family. I'm going to go on a limb and suggest you talk to a dermatologist about it. Get a couple of opinions. Fact is, if it's hereditary, a concealer isn't going to do the trick. Or maybe a prescription strength cream might? You don't have to commit to anything just to get an opinion on what they recommend.

    Aging is just fine, but the more gracefully the better is what I have to say about it! You're not alone. At 43, I still don't know what "my age" is supposed to feel like!

    Good luck, honey:)

  4. Jeez, I almost forgot to say that you're still totally adorable!

  5. i agree, you're totally adorable! you and nora are both such hot mamas, and no one would ever think "37" when they saw you, megan. never. that said, i'm tired too. also, if you find a fix for crows feet (my unfortunate genetics) during your search, feel free to share :) ~ kerri

  6. you are all awesome. thank you for the advice and the nice words. i will be checking into each and every option you presented!

  7. i also fight the undereye bags and havent tried/found the perfect solution. generally, some sort of corrector/concealer is in order to fix the discoloration, and personally i recommend some sort of reflective brightener also -- this will reflect light instead of showing off the darkness.
    also (and ive never tried this myself, but i read that tons of morning anchormen swear by this trick) if you have puffiness, try dabbing a little Preparation H under your eyes. supposedly this sucks the puffiness right out! (and if it works, let me know!)

  8. Here's a easy home remedy::

    Also if you are looking to hide your dark circles I would suggest getting an under eye concealer in a shade lighter then you would normally get for your foundation.
    It doesn't have to be an expensive one.
    A DrugStore brand would work just fine.

    Tap it lightly under your eye where you want to cover up blending it out as you go.
    And set it with a translucent powder.
    Then apply foundation as usual.

    Hope this helps some!!


  9. I have had dark circles (like, really bad!) and under-eye puffiness all of my life, I'm pretty sure it's genetic. So, I feel ya!

    For a cosmetic option, I love Benefit Erase Paste! I did a review about it here with some photos, if you want to check it out.

    Beautylish is a pretty cool place to find makeup reviews and such, at least, I've discovered a few great products through the community there!

    Something that also helps my puffiness is a teabag. You can place a cold, wet teabag on each eye for 15 minutes. It helps to drain the eye of the liquid that makes your it puffy.

    Best of luck! Let us know what works for you :)

    - Kristin

  10. Have you tried natural remedies? They are kinder and much gentler to the skin than many of the creams.

    Stress Reducers

  11. so far the only thing that works on mine is photoshop =) i have bought every brightener, concealer and cover up and they just make my wrinkles worse so i'm not sure which is worse =) the puffy bags don't bother me as much as my dark circles. maybe i will try that erase paste next! let me know what works for you!!!

    the stylish housewife