Monday, February 7, 2011

fabulous is february

as megan explained in her fab in february post, melissa and hope are challenging us to add three positive comments about ourselves in our posts on mondays throughout february. i must admit, i almost didn't participate in this because megan had already done hers and i was thinking, no one will even know if i don't do mine! no one will care! i am so bad at stuff like this...i am horrible at taking compliments and am very self-deprecating...everyone who knows me knows this. i am not good at listing my favorable traits. it doesn't come naturally for me. but that is the whole point of the challenge, right? so, here goes...

1. i am a very silly and goofy person. i don't take myself very seriously and i can almost always take a joke. (i have gotten much much better about that as i have gotten older)! i love laughing and i actually love my laugh. it is very loud and kind of a cackle or squawk (yes, i sound like a chicken apparently). it is not very ladylike at all. but i love it! so there!

2. i love my curly hair. it has driven me crazy in the past, for sure. but i have really grown to love it and to really just have fun with it. i am never going to be one of those girls with the perfect hair, every strand in it's place. it is wild and different almost every day, but that is why i like it! 

3. i am slowly but surely, and with a lot of trial and error, becoming a good vegetarian cook. i cook dinner for my husband and and myself (and now my baby girl) almost every night and i have really grown to love doing so. i learned from the best! both my mom and megan are excellent cooks! plus, i love to eat! and it is so great to eat a meal that tastes great and that you prepared yourself. i keep saying that i want to throw a dinner party one of these days, but i am not quite there yet! that really freaks me out. but i will soon...

wow. that was hard. hopefully i can come up with three more next week!

xoxo, nora bird

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  1. It’s great that you could face a fear and say some nice things about yourself. I’m sure next time will be much easier. From your blog I can see there are tons of great things about you. I might have to join the fabulous in Feb. I could always use another challenge to break me out of my comfort zone. Ps. I love your hair in that photo.